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Waterman H2Go Portable Water Ionizer

  • Waterman H2Go Portable Water Ionizer
  • Waterman H2Go Portable Water Ionizer
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Product Description

One of our top selling portable water ionizers.


Portable Purification, Portable Ionization, take your Ionized Water "to go"

What we recommend for ionized water on the go is the Waterman Pitcher portable water ionizer. Ideal for work, travel, camping - anywhere you can't take your home water ionizer unit. The Waterman Pitcher quickly and easily turns ordinary tap or bottled water into ionized water in minutes.

Simply pour your tap or bottled water into the filter portion of the pitcher to make ionized water a glass at a time no matter where you are. The Waterman Pitcher efficiently removes bacteria and chemicals and other impurities from source water. Water PH can be raised to as high as 10.0 with an ORP of up to -250 depending on your source water.

Effective Filtration

The Waterman Pitcher filter uses magnets, silver activated carbon, somelite coral sand and bioceramics. The silver activated carbon effectively not only removes bacteria from the water and prevents its growth, but also filters out many heavy metals, chemicals and other impurities from the water. Somelite coral sand is a natural substance used in filtration to add minerals and also filter out chemicals and other substances. Magnets have long been recognized for their ability to change the properties of water making it more readily absorbed by the body.

Contaminant Removal efficiency

Aluminium 97.5%
Cadmium 97.3%
Chlorine 99.0%
Lead 98.2%
Nitrate 85.0%
Zinc 97.5%


Easy to Use

You'll remove the "cap" of the pitcher, turn it upside down and place it back on the filter. Your cap will now become your pre-filter receptacle. Next, pour tap or bottled water into the cap and wait or watch as the water moves through the filter and into the actual pitcher. Once all of the water has filtered down into the pitcher, simply remove the cap and pour your glass of ionized water. Return the cap to the pitcher "right side down" and store it until you're ready for your next glass of clean, pure, ionized water.


Using the Waterman Pitcher Portable Water Ionizer H2Go

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Product Reviews

  1. Portable and Still Effective 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 2nd 2013

    This is a 20 oz water bottle that not only purifies your water, it makes is alkaline. I have a water ionizer machine at home, but sometimes I go to a place where I can't possibly pack enough water (gym, combat zone, camping trip). This thing is awesome to have around. I simply fill it up and let it filter, then I have purified and ionized water wherever I'm at no matter how bad the water source is. If you use alkaline water already, you'll know that you can't go back to municiple tap water. This is the fix to make sure you never have to. It is also a way for people who aren't sure if they want to buy a fancy $3,000 water ionizer to see if they like the benefits before making a large investment.

  2. need 2B alkaline 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 5th 2012

    I received my Tyent H2Go unit 4/16. It was well packaged and in perfect condition when opened. I cleaned the unit then assembled and poured refrigerator-filtered water in the top. At first the top started to leak water out until I pushed the top cup further down into the filter base. Then NO LEAKING. The water filtered fairly quickly. I tested the before water-- pH of 7 which was neutral. I then tested the H2Go filtered water-- pH of 10 alkaline. The taste was great and gentle on the esophagus/stomach. I am extremely happy with this small low cost unit and plan to use it instead of purchasing the $2K unit. Thanks for a great product Tyent!

  3. Money well spent 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 26th 2012

    I have never been much of a water drinker, always adding something to it to get my 8 glasses a day. This water filter has turned my attitude around. Even if I hadn't read about health benefits of alkaline water, I would use this anyway because it produces the most wonderful water I have had in my 59 years of life. I don't add anything to it, just drink it straight. Be forewarned, it spoils you for regular water. I fill it up and let it filter in the refrigerator. I can take it to work, or anywhere. I won't be traveling without it. I can't find anywhere that it says how to get replacement filters, but I figure it is saving me money on juice or soda. I tested my water before and after, and it definitely does what it says. They include the testing drops with the filter. Enjoy! Where has this been all my life?

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