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Water for Life USA is the exclusive United States distributor for EOS and Hyunsung Water Ionizers, Asian brands that have been popular for over 30 years. Water for Life USA began with the dream of one man, Alderin Ordell, who as a practicing psychologist realized that destructive people tended to lead unhealthy lives and eat poorly.  After purchasing a water ionizer, he began to feel the positive effects on his body.  He quickly began a quest to help promote water ionizers, healthy bodies, and healthy lives.

The products that Water for Life USA offers are unique to many other companies.  Their hybrid portable ionizer is the absolute leader in the industry for portable alkaline water.  Their counter-top models have an easy to use LCD screen with one touch control for quick water setting selections.  They also offer refurbished water ionizers, unlike many other manufacturers. Water for Life USA believes fully in the research and findings of Dr. Kim Young Kwi, and that is why they promote alkaline water as well. Their water ionizers are easy to install and come with a minimum 5 year warranty!

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