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Tyent USA is one of the leading water ionizer manufacturers in the United States, and the Tyent corporation is a leading manufacturer worldwide!  Tyent water ionizers provide some of the best alkaline ionized water available. Their products are sold to the United States through Water Ionizers Direct USA who carry the full line of Tyent products. Tyent is also one of the only companies that has a portable water ionizer that is space saving and can produce ionized water directly from your sink. This water ionizer can ionize water almost simultaneously as it is poured into the unit.

Tyent water ionizers are silver, modern looking, and fit nicely into any kitchen or countertop space. The LCD screen on a Tyent water ionizer is easy to follow, and with the simple push of a couple of buttons, the machine is on, creating fresh alkaline water! Tyent's most popular products boast the largest filtration and most power, over 375 watts!  With 9 plate systems available, Tyent is always pushing the technology forward for the water ionizer industry!

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