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Chanson Water USA is a very popular brand of water ionizers.  Their alkaline ionized water can help improve cell function in retaining water, increase hydration, and neutralizes acids within the body. After over 30 years of creating water filtration, water ionizers, and electronics products, Chanson Taiwan has created a partnership with Chanson USA in 2008. The Chanson water ionizers are assembled and manufacturered right here in the United States, in Orange County, California.  This ensures excellent customer support!

Chanson USA is still supported by Chanson Taiwan and has several certifications including being members of the Water Quality Association.  With their commitment to excellence in the field of water and health, they have dedicated more time and money towards research and creating the best possible water ionizer on the market. Their advanced circuitry and electronics not only provide some of the most powerful ionizers on the market, but also the most compact and space saving!  Their counter top models are roughly 60% smaller than their competitors with the same level of performance. Chanson also has a life-time warranty on all of their products ensuring you that you will always have a working machine. Also, there are customer service representatives that can help with installation and go through the entire process with you.

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