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Alkalux is one of the newest brand of water ionizers, offering great value in the mid-range price bracket! Their handmade water ionizers are manufactured in Korea and with exceptional quality control.  Every Alkalux water ionizer is tested thoroughly before being shipped out.  Alkulux water ionizers take typical household tap water and transforms it into clean and chemical free alkaline water.  They're machine comes in black or silver so it can match any household kitchen. With a simple, clean, and compact design, it's easy to fit on any type of counter space.

Alkalux water ionizers are extremely user friendly and come with universal attachments to fit into any sink.  You can have it out of the box and set it up in just minutes!

The water produced by Alkalux can be used for everything from face washing to cooking, cleaning, and drinking. The light acidic water matches is perfect for face washing or shaving. This machine creates an extremely healthful alternative to drinking bottled or tap water.

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