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Water Dove Whole-House Carbon Filter CF-6000

  • Water Dove Whole-House Carbon Filter CF-6000
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Product Description

A great filter for particulates and sediments. 4-6 bathrooms and 15 gallons per minute.

Imagine taking a shower beneath a waterfall, the way nature intended; water free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals; just cool, clean, pure, and refreshing water.

Model: CF-6000 (Carbon Filter and 5 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter)

For 4-6 Bathrooms

15 Gallons per Minute

How does it work?

We start off with a (5) five micron pre-filter which removes particulate and sediment from the water before it arrives in the main tank. The water then travels through our multi-stage filter which is composed of the highest quality coconut shell carbon available on the market today. Our filtration process removes or reduces harmful chemicals and by-products such as chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, VOC’s, pharmaceutical residual, and much more.

The Water Dove CF-6000 is assembled with the highest grade coconut shell carbon available in the world. Our industry leading 5 micron sediment pre-filter prevents particulate and sediment from entering the tank and interfering with the filtration process.

With its amazing multistage filtration systems you will not find a comparable water filtration unit available on the market. With the addition of the optional hydro-magnetic conditioning module, the CF-6000 can not be beat.

* The Water Dove is made in the USA.

How does the optional Hydro-magnet work?

When the water passes through the magnetic field it changes the electrical charge of the ions in the hard water so that the mineral cannot form lime scale which creates build-up on your plumbing and fixtures. This reduction in build-up will improve performance and extend the life of your appliances.


Size: for 4-6 bathrooms
Shipping Weight:
97 pounds
Flow Rate:
15 GPM
Connection size:
3/4" and 1" fittings included
Operating Pressure:
25-80 PSI
Operating Temperature:
36-120 F


  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides
  • Chloramine
  • Herbicides
  • VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Industrial Solvents
  • Pharmaceutical Residue


  • Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon in the world
  • Multi-filtration System removes harmful chemicals
  • 5 years or 700,000-1,000,000 gallon capacity ensuring the lowest maintenance
  • Optional add on Hydro-magnetic conditioner module for the ultimate in filtration and reduction of scale build-up
  • No electricity needed for operation
  • No waste water needed for back-washing
  • Five (5) micron pre-filter to keep your system running at its optimum performance.

Why the Water Dove?

High quality, amazing warranty, a 90 day money back guarantee, a company name synonymous with quality and craftsmanship; these are just a few of the reasons why the Chanson whole house water filters are a perfect match for your household.

The Chanson Water Dove whole house filter is manufactured with flawless structural tanks and top of the line bypass valves. Our filters use the highest grade coconut shell carbon in the world and our filters have amazingly long life with minimal maintenance. Five years or 700,000-1,000,000 gallons ensure that you will be enjoying amazingly refreshing, chemical free water for years to come.

Chanson Water offers a 10 year warranty on all of our Water Dove filters and softeners so you can buy with confidence knowing Chanson stands behind every machine we sell. In addition to having a superior filtration system we are the only company to offer the Hydro-magnetic conditioner module which will provide de-scaling and mild softening to your water; which in turn prolongs the life of your pipes, fixtures and appliances. The Water Dove system is good for you and great for your house!


Q. What is the maintenance and ongoing costs of the Water Dove? A. This depends on the model that you choose. There is a pre-filter that will need to be changed once a year, these are sold in packs of four (4) for $59.00. The carbon tank needs to be replaced every 5 years at the cost of around $150.00. The hydro-magnets are guaranteed for life. Once the system is installed you will have no reason to even think about it. We will send you email notices when scheduled maintenance is due.
**Some resin based softener companies claim their softener resin will last indefinitely and they do not list a refill cost. Please be cautious of these claims, all resins experts we have spoken with that it is impossible. All resin based softeners will have a 5-7 year lifespan.

Q. I noticed you sell the carbon tank itself with or without the hydro-magnet. Why would I want the Carbon system to have the Hydro-magnet if I am not getting the softener?

A. The Hydro-magnet will still provide de-scaling and mild softening to the water even without the softener tank, but will not be as effective. This option may be more ideal for smaller houses but anyone who wants chlorine-free showers and mild scale prevention will love this option, especially those on a tight budget.

Q. The Softener tank also comes with the option of the Hydro-magnet, why is this?

A. Some customers do not want or need the whole house Carbon filter, they only want softening. When customers choose both and purchase our combo system, we include the Hydro-magnet in the Carbon tank, for those who just want softening we include it in the Softener tank. We offer all Carbon and Softener tanks with or without the Hydro-magnet.

Q. What is the warranty on the Water Dove System?

A. The Water Dove system uses top of the line structural tanks and bypass valves. We are proud to include a 10 year warranty on our tanks and valves. Our Hydro-magnetic module has a full lifetime warranty. **Please refer to warranty for details**

Q. Is there a performance guarantee on the Water Dove system?

A. Yes, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all the Water Dove systems. If a product defect ever occurs it is covered under the limited lifetime warranty.

Q. Will the Water Dove system prevent spotting on our dishes?

A. No, it will dramatically reduce water-spotting. We have a product called LemiShine that when added to your dishwasher will work perfectly with the Water Dove system and provide spot free dishes.

Q. What are the maximum grains of hardness your system can handle?

A. 20 grains without the Hydro-magnet and 30 grains with the Hydro-magnet.

Q. What results will I see and how long will it take?

A. If you are just getting the Carbon tank the results will be immediate, you will have clean water throughout the house right away. It is the softener system with the Hydro-magnet you will notice a slightly slicker feel to the water the scale reduction can take time depending on the age of your plumbing.

Q. Will the Water Dove clean out the existing scale in the plumbing like the other brands claim to do?

A. Because the Water Dove uses both Resin and Magnetic technologies it will clean at a faster rate than competitive systems. Even so, older homes can take a few months to totally clean all of the scale deposit out.

Q. Will I ever see the white build-up on the faucet tips and shower heads?

A. Very little, but it will be easy to wipe away and will NEVER require chemical cleaners.

Q. Do I need a plumber to install the Water Dove system?

A. If you are in the Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego counties we can install it for you. If you are not local you will need some basic plumbing and/or handyman skills to install the system. We offer a detailed instruction manual and video in order to walk you through the installation.

Q. What will a plumber charge to the installation?

A. Nationally installation will run about $300-$500 and you should receive a warranty from the installation company for the plumbing work.

Q. Does the Water Dove system come with everything needed for installation?

A. No, we cannot anticipate every plumbing situation, there will be piping and a few fittings needed that the installer will provide or the homeowner can pick up at a local hardware store. The above install price quotes include those materials, for homeowners installation expect to pay another $100.00 in pipe and fittings to complete the installation.

Q. Does the Water Dove filter provide healthy drinking water?

A. The Water Dove filter is assembled from the highest grade coconut carbon in the world and will do a good job at removing the Chlorine and making the water taste good. We do not promote our Carbon Filter as providing the healthiest drinking water. For amazingly refreshing drinking water we recommend our under-counter and counter-top ionizers with a pre-filtration unit, such as our C3 pre-filter.

Q. The Water Dove seems to be a new system, how can we trust it?

A. The Water Dove is manufactured in the USA by a 20 year old company that does nothing but manufacturer water products. Most of our competition is buying from the same source, our tanks are flawless structurally, we use the same bypass valves as the best competitors, we use the same Carbon and Resin pre-filters. Our product quality and reliability will stand next to the best on the world market. The Water Dove system is sold exclusively by Chanson Water and its dealers nationwide. We are a four (4) years old water filtration company with an impeccable reputation and we have been selling and installing salt-free softeners for over four (4) years.

Q. What kind of customer and technical support can I expect from your company?

A. The absolute best, we pride ourselves above all things on our attention to your needs.

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