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The Dolphin Whole Home Filtration Set

  • The Dolphin Whole Home Filtration Set
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Product Description

A whole house filtration system for removing VOCs and other harmful contaminants in your water.

New research has discovered something that could be as much as 600% more dangerous than Chlorine in your water ~ known as a volatile organic chemicals. VOC’s like Chloroform, Organic Halides, Radon Gas and Trihalomethanes are in your water supply ~ FACT! 

What makes these so dangerous is that they are airborne contaminants and lethal in a vapor form. We inhale these when we shower and even when we wash our hands. Hopefully next time you shower you will look at the rising steam with a whole new light!

The good news is that The Dolphin Plus Whole Home System™ not only reduces the heavy metals found in your water supply, it also reduces the Fluoride as well as over 1000 VOC’s found in your water. This is lab certified!

The fluoride ion is an inhibitor of glycolysis (Embden-Meyerhoff pathway) and it attacks many different cellular constituents including cell membranes and lipids, destroying cell membranes and producing cell necrosis. Severe hypocalcaemia and hypomagnesaemia are produced by hydrogen fluoride absorption causing tetany and disturbances of cardiac rhythm. 

Contrary to what we have been told for many decades, man-made fluoride actually leads to fluoridosis, a condition that is marked by stained and weakened hole-filled teeth. Notably, in Europe and US communities where there is no water fluoridation, cavities are less than in fluoridated US communities.

Even worse, fluoride can result in hyperactivity and/or lethargy, arthritis, lowered thyroid function, lowered IQ, dementia, disrupted immune system, genetic damage, cell death, cancers, deactivated essential enzymes and lower life span. 

There are several companies that will tell you they have fluoride reduction systems or whole home systems that reduce volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) 
but we have the scientific studies to show ours actually are effective. Call us now for more information and to order a Dolphin System to start protecting your Family today!

Designed, Engineered and Made in the USA for Life Ionizers and EarthTrade Water, Inc.

Dolphin Whole Home Filtration Set Features:

The Dolphin 1044-F is a Point of Entry (Whole House) filter. In addition to the wide range of Heavy Metals this unit was designed with fluoride reduction in mind. Our POE Fluoride reduction unit is designed to operate in conjunction with our Dolphin -1044-A AS Whole House Filter™.

This 1-2 punch provides two levels of water treatment. The Dolphin -1044-A for volatile organic chemical (VOC) remediation and the Dolphin-1044-F for Fluoride-Heavy metal reduction. The fluoride ion is the most electronegative element in the periodic table; it is a relatively small ion and therefore it diffuses readily; and, because hydrogen fluoride is a weak acid, there are sufficiently uncharged species to allow tissue penetration.

The Dolphin - 1044-F comes with a industry exclusive Double Backwash and Double Rinse automatic back wash valve rendering the backwash function more efficient than a standard automatic back wash valve. This double rinse/backwash provides for a greater striation of the filter meadia within the tank thus increasing its efficiency.

Although the two tanks are sized the same they reduce different chemicals from the water. They also have different life spans as the available surface area in the AS Media is much greater than the Fluoride media resulting in the fluoride unit having approximately half the life span of its AS partner. Thus the life of the Dolphin -1044-F is 9 months and the PO-1044-A is 18 months. We can supply refills for the tanks or we can have one of our USA or Canadian Mr. Rooter dealers change these tanks out for you.


  • Many companies are claiming to "reinvent the wheel" in promoting their filter designs. The companies tout the number of layers in their filters, suggesting that more layers are better. The truth is, adding too many layers can interfere with the effectiveness of a filter cartridge or tank, and nullify any value that the additional layers purport to provide. A filter that uses layers in an attempt to work well with all water types ultimately will excel at filtering none of them.
  • The main advantage of Life filter media is their “Charged Modified Composite Blend”. Charge modification enables a single standard cartridge, filled with AQS media, to filter as if there were many cartridges present! AQS filters do not require 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 12 etc. layers of different filter medias like many competitors do in their cartridges. The Life AQS filter works using several different types of filter media which have differing electrical charges distributed throughout the media.

      • The charge modification system allows a given filter media to remove a wider range of contaminants from water without having to resort to adding layers to a filter. Ultimately, there is a limit to the number of filters that can fit into a given water filtration system. It makes sense to use filter media that removes the widest range of contaminants possible.
  • Why is adding layers to a filter such an ineffective way to improve filtration efficiency?

      • Each time an additional filter media "layer" is added to a conventional cartridge for the purpose of removing a new chemical compound, the addition of the media necessitates reducing a portion of the existing media(s) in the cartridge. Making the layers thinner reduces their effectiveness. Ultimately if too
        many "layers of different medias" are used in a filter cartridge, the filter becomes ineffective for almost everything because there is not enough of any one media available to effectively remove the contaminants the media layer was added to remove in the first place. Filters with lots of layers look good on paper, but are almost useless when it comes to filtration!
  • The only way to use a single cartridge/tank to remove a wide range of chemical contaminants is to use a Life AQS filter!

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