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Shower Green - Vitamin C Filter

  • Shower Green - Natural Vitamin C Shower Filter
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Product Description

A easy way to get even more refreshment and avoid contaminants from your shower.

  • Removes Chlorine
  • Crisper, Cleaner Showers

Having issues with chlorine and chloramines in your water?  NOT ANYMORE!  

Shower Green filters remove 99.9% of chlorine from your water without even having to change your shower head!  This is done through the use of 100% organic, environmentally friendly, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C.

arrow.jpg 100% organic, environmentally friendly, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C.
arrow.jpg Easily connects to your current showerhead with NO loss in your shower water pressure.
arrow.jpg Attractive see-through housing allows you to actually see the filter working, and makes it easy to know when you need to replace the filter cartridge.
arrow.jpg Tourmaline ceramic ball provides additional benefits by creating negative ions in the heated shower water which is naturally healthier for skin and hair cells
arrow.jpg Excellent natural body and beauty care
  » Excellent for smooth & soft skin
  » Helps to assist with dry, irritated and itchy skin conditions due to chlorinated tap water
  » Helps reduce chlorine-caused dandruff
arrow.jpg Safe for babies and young children
  » Chlorine free water is great for baby’s sensitive skin
  » Protect childrens' sensitive skin and eyes from irritating chlorine and chloramines
  » Helps to prevent potential respiratory problems caused by the inhalation of vaporized chlorine particles
arrow.jpg Great for pets
  » Good for fish aquariums - no need to age or treat tap water
  » Protects pets’ skin and hair from the chlorine and chloramines of tap water
  » Eliminate pet dandruff, which is commonly caused by chlorine exposure
arrow.jpg Imagine the money you can save on all of those health and beauty care products for problems that are directly related to chlorine exposure!
arrow.jpg Easy to install, effortless to use! Universally fits on any standard shower head.
before.jpg after.jpg
arrow.jpg The Shower Green comes with 1 Vitamin C shower filter cartridge & 1 additional Bonus replacement cartidge .
arrow.jpg Shower Green-Universal Vitamin C Shower Filters are fully approved by the EPA and APHA, and they exceed the new de-chlorination requirements set by the Clean Water Act.
arrow.jpg Shower Green-Universal Vitamin C Shower Filters have been tested and proven to fully neutralize 99.9% of both chlorine and chloramines found in public tap water. The filters are made with 100% natural, food grade Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for humans and animals alike. Vitamin C is known to boost the immune system, and improve your skin and hair. It is also the safest and least toxic of all known de-chlorination agents.
arrow.jpg Shower Green-Universal Vitamin C Shower Filters release the exact amount of Vitamin C needed to neutralize the chlorine or chloramines as the water passes through the shower filter...no more...no less. When the water is shut off, the filter stops releasing the vitamin. This economy of vitamin release increases the useful life of the filter significantly.
arrow.jpg As the Vitamin C is dissolved into the water, it creates absorbic acid. Unlike other filters, this form of de-chlorination doesn't just surround the toxic elements in the water, it actually neutralizes the chlorine and chloramines - transforming them from toxic substances into a harmless compound.
arrow.jpg In more simple terms, the Vitamin C in the shower filter changes chlorine and chloramine from something that can cause you harm to neutral substances that cause NO HARM. Simultaneously, the same Vitamin C is infused into the water, imparting the anti-oxidant qualities of the vitamin into your body through your skin, hair, and lungs.
arrow.jpg The Shower Green filter contains roughly 20 grams of Vitamin C and is capable of neutralizing 0.4 ppm chlorine in 10,000 liters (3,000 gallons) of water. The filter's lifespan is independent of the temperature and pressure of water, meaning no matter what your situation is, these filters will last much longer than other shower filter products!

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