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pH Testing Strips

  • pH Testing Strips
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Product Description

Paper strips for testing the pH value of a liquid.

Testing your Salivary pH

To perform this simple test, all you need is a roll of testing pH paper (preferably test paper in right pH range using small increments), a plastic spoon and some fresh saliva.

The pH range from 6.0-8.0 is where most healthy people, who are working at becoming alkaline, will find their salivary (and urinary) pH.
The test uses a pH-sensitive, color-coded test strip to reveal your body pH balance status. For the saliva test: - Be sure not to eat, drink, or brush your teeth for 30 minutes prior to the test - Swallow a couple of times to clear the mouth and stimulate new saliva - Then discharge some saliva into a PLASTIC spoon (it is recommended NOT to touch the pH paper to your tongue due to the chemicals in the paper).

Tear off a 1-2 inch strip of pH paper, place into saliva and compare the color of your immersed pH paper with the color chart provided on the pH testing roll. The lower your pH value below 7.0, the greater your degree of acid stress. Continue testing and recording your pH for a few weeks - first thing in the morning, afternoon and at bedtime (This will show your body pH trend).

While generally more acidic than blood, salivary pH mirrors the blood (if not around meals) and is also a fairly good indicator of health. It helps to tell us what the body retains.

Optimal pH for saliva is above 7 pH. A reading consistently lower than 6.8 is indicative of possible insufficient alkaline reserves. After eating, the saliva pH should rise to 7.8 or higher. Unless this occurs, the body has alkaline mineral deficiencies (mainly Calcium and Magnesium) and will not assimilate food very well. To deviate from ideal salivary pH for an extended time invites illness. If your saliva stays between 6.8 and 7.2+ pH all day, your body is functioning within a healthy range. If the early morning salivary pH remains above 6.8, people usually see many of their problems disappearing.

Testing Your Urinary pH

The pH of the urine indicates how the body is working to maintain the proper pH of the blood. The urine reveals the alkaline building (anabolic) and acid tearing down (catabolic) cycles. The pH of urine indicates the efforts of the body via the kidneys, adrenals, lungs and gonads to regulate body pH balance through the buffer salts and hormones.

Urine can provide a fairly accurate picture of body chemistry, because the kidneys filter out the buffer salts of pH regulation and provide values based on what the body is eliminating. Urine pH can vary from around 4.5 to 9.0 for its extremes, but the ideal range is 6.5 to 7.0+. Urinary pH tends to be lower in the morning and higher in the evening.

The pH of the urine can vary widely. The pH of urine is also affected by the biochemicals that the body is eliminating. These include biochemicals such as excess minerals, vitamins, and products of metabolism and also include drugs and toxins being eliminated by the body.

The pH of the urine is not as affected by digestive enzymes as salivary pH. However, the pH of the urine can be affected by:
preservatives you eat
pollutants you breathe
stress you encounter
the food you eat 
how much water you drink
the amount of pathogens in your system
how much rest you receive
all the biochemical activities going on in your body.

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Product Reviews

  1. good product highly recommended 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 31st 2012

    I check my number every day and this little ph strip is a wonder. It really lets me know from day to day or morning to evening how my alkaline diet is doing or not doing. I can tell what foods really work and what foods really need to be avoided. I just put it into my mouth for a second or two and check. I know websites say you need a blood test or such to be 100% accurate on one's ph but this little gauge does a good job from a day to day level in giving me a good idea how good I am doing or how poorly I am doing. If I eat something strong in corn syrup sweetener (example pumpkin pie or some fruit juices) my number the next day or later that evening has dropped. This is an excellent way to help anyone realize how they are doing with the alkaline diet or how badly they are acid. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline body so I am really interested in making sure I keep a strong alkaline body with my veggies, fruit, and beans--the natural diet. The processed diet of packaged "foods", high processed juices, and strong corn based diets is a one way ticket to the acid body and acid reflux problems and a future life heading toward cancer, the end product of an acid diet. So I will continue to buy these strips. I'm always elated to see my numbers in the 8 and higher colors; those cultures with alkaline water as a lifestyle have body ph's of 8+ and have no cancer and live healthy lifestyles well into their 90's disease free. So that is my goal. This summer marks my first year of being strong alkaline and my body behaves so much different than other years of my life. It is an amazing difference from the high acid diet I used to life on. These strips have made it very clear what works and what doesn't and cued me when I didn't eat right and what the price tag was or would be eventually. The differences in how my body works and behaves now is incredible for the diet changes made.

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