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Which Machine is Right?

When you first jump into the world of alkaline water machines (more commonly referred to as Water Ionizers), it can be just so confusing with all the scientific mumbo-jumbo about alkalinity, ORP, pH, plates, voltage and who knows what else!  So how do you know which one is right for you?


But what is really the difference between them all?  They can vary by thousands of dollars, and the different manufacturers will tell you that certain features are more important than others.   But in this article we’ll tell you the two main factors that are really important in a water ionizer.

1)  ORP - First, you want an alkaline water machine which brings a negative (-) Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) about in the water.  ORP is a measure of the water’s ability to slow down the oxidation process.  If it’s a positive number (+), that would be Oxidation Potential and it would be measuring the amount of oxidation happening (which is a bad thing.)  Oxidation is what happens when metals get rusty, or when fruits turn brown and squishy.  Oxidation Reduction is the ability to fight off this process.  It’s also the reason that many people call alkaline water “anti-aging water.”  Regular tap water has a positive ORP of, on average, +400.  Alkaline water has a -ORP.  Acid water has a +ORP.  The more negative of an ORP your body has, the better it can fight off this decay that comes with aging.

In summary, when alkaline water machine dealers talk about producing a higher -OH or more negative ORP, they’re competing over who can produce a larger negative number.

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2)  pH - Second, you want an Alkaline Water Machine that produces the right level of pH.  pH ranges from 4 to 10.  4 is highly acidic, 10 is highly alkaline, and a pH of 7 is neutral.  Tap water usually comes around a 7 pH.  Neither acidic nor alkaline, just neutral.  Our bodies fluxuate in pH all day long, depending on anything from what we eat and drink to our mood and the level of activity we’ve had that day.  Our bodies naturally should rest around a pH of 7.4, in alkaline territory, however most Americans have a pH below 7, in acidic territory, because they are not living healthily.  Eating fast food and drinking soda or other corrosive chemicals is the fastest way to acidify your body.

Alkaline Water Machines sometimes struggle to create a higher pH in certain water.  Tap water varies quite a bit in “hardness.”  If you have very hard or very soft water at home, there can be issues with ionization.  The main difference in water ionizers comes in their ability to get your tap water to the optimal pH and -ORP.  Some are stronger than others.  We encourage you to do your own research!

In this article you learned a lot about pH and -ORP.  If you’d like to continue your research, we’ve got some more quality alkline water info in our next article, which tells you how to choose an Alkaline Water Filter … We consider it required reading!

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