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What is the Best Water Ionizer

Declaring one water ionizer to stand above the rest as the clear and ultimate “best” is no easy task.  With the range of quality machines which exist on the market, its impossible to choose an overall winner.  However, there are quality brands and machines which do stand out as among the top tier of water ionizers.

The best water ionizer brands are currently (as of April 2010) Tyent USA, IonQuench, Life Ionizers, Jupiter, and Chanson.  Each of these brands produces high quality machines which truly deliver what they promise; clean, pure, alkaline (or acidic) water. 

Each brand offers a variety of machines which appeal to various budgets.  Prices range from the modest Jupiter Venus ($1195) to the powerful Tyent Under Counter UCE-9000T ($3,495), with a ton of other great machines and prices in between.  Between each of the companies, there is a machine to suit everyone's needs.  We rate these companies as the best because not only does each produce solid machines, but each sells for reasonable prices and has great customer service.

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Another brand, Enagic, has sky-high prices and claims to have the best ionizers on the market, but if you do the research you’ll find out that they’re in fact sorely lacking. Enagic boasts of many things, for one, a total of seven plates that are dipped in platinum rather than being electroplated by platinum. The KYK G2, Tyent Turbo, Alkalux 2507 and Life Ionizer 8100 all have seven plates (among with most other machines these days), but they are electroplated and therefore more durable and longer-lasting than the Enagic ones.


Tyent, Jupiter, KYK, Alkalux, Chanson and Life Ionizers all produce machines which automatically clean themselves, and every time these machines are on the filters and the water get cleaned.

You don’t even have to wait while the cleaning is going on because the machine is able to pour water and clean itself simultaneously! With the Enagic machine, you will always have to wait for it to clean itself before getting the water out, which is certainly a nuisance when you’re using the machine on a daily basis. Nobody wants to wait for their water.

Moving on to power consumption, let’s see which machine will eat up more of your electric bill. This might not be your biggest concern, but over the long run it does add up. You’ll be interested to know that while the KYK G2 consumes only 150 watts of power, Enagic takes a massive 330 watts!  Tyent, Alkalux, Jupiter, and Life all offer machines with comparable power usage to the KYK.  In fact, the Tyent MMP 7070 Turbo is able to easily outperform the pH levels of the enagic machines while using only 280 watts (when in TURBO mode).

So What Truly Are the Best Water Ionizers?

The answer is that there is no "best" ionizer.  It depends on your needs.  To learn more about the specific machines than we're going into the depth to teach in this article we recommend signing up for our 5-Day Water Ionizer Crash Course from the main page of our site.  Beyond that, you could also check out some of our Featured Water Ionizers.  These will all be discussed in the Crash Course.

Don't forget! Every machine we sell on Ionizer Oasis is high quality.  We encourage you to shop around and pick the machine that is best for you, and if you're unsure which to pick, email our water ionizer experts!

Any of these machines will produce the alkaline water desired, and allow you to enjoy all the health benefits of using this incredible new technology.  If you’d like to learn more about any of these machines, feel free to click on their names and follow the link to more detailed descriptions!

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