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Ways to Compare Water Ionizers

In this article we are going to compare water ionizers with the alternative filtering systems. While there are many different ways you can go about achieving cleaner, healthier water for you and your family, many of the types of filtering systems do not provide you what you think you are getting.

The first alternate method are charcoal water filters. The problem with these is two fold. The first is that they really do nothing for the taste of the water. If you have water that is too acidic, it will remain as such. The second problem is that you can get charcoal sediment in your water once the filters begin to breakdown. The other problem is that charcoal filters are susceptible to mold growth. This is obviously something you don't want from your water filter. Were you to go away for any amount of time, growth could occur. 

Ceramic water filters are another choice. To compare water ionizers and ceramic water filters is similar to charcoal water filters. There is again an organic element, this time being diatomaceous earth. This is made up of diatoms, or fossilized algae clusters. This is also used often in pool filters. The problem here is that diatomaceous earth is considered to not be a health risk as long as it isn't getting into the water.

The question that this brings up is do you want to use a substandard filtering system that can also pose health risks due to organic material when you can you a superior product that has no health risks, and actually provides health benefits? 

There are ultra violet radiation water filters and magnetic field water filters as well. Compare water ionizers to either of these and you come back to the same conclusion: alkaline water ionizers provide the safest drinking water that you can get.


Alkaline water ionizers are attached to a faucet or your water source and divert the stream into two outputs. This is all activated by a press of a button. The one output of water is your ionized, alkaline drinking water. This water is superior because it is cleaner, after being filtered, and has had potentially harmful excess Oxygen atoms taken out. The other stream of water that is produced is actually better then regular tap water for cleaning dishes and can also be administered to minor cuts. 

When you do a cost analysis, no matter what filter product you purchase, you are going to have to buy replacement filters on a consistent basis. When you go with organic based filters, you are going to have to replace them a little more frequently. The 'knock' on an alkaline water ionizer is the price. The thing to keep in mind though is that when you go with the products that you find on this site, you are getting what you pay for. You are getting a well made, quality product that is will produce the safest water for you and your family. Because of this, there really is no comparison. 

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