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Water Ionizers

Below you will find water ionizers reviews and information on all of the top brands.  Our mission is to get all of the facts out there for people to make their own decisions. Here you can read reviews of the features that each company has to offer, as well as product comparisons, usage recommendations, and overall reviews. Click on a specific company name to start learning!

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The water ionizer is a relatively new product on the US market having first been made extremely popular in Japan and South Korea. But, what is a water ionizer ? Well we have all of the information to help you understand and pick out the one!

What is a water ionizer?

Well, a water ionizer is a machine that can either sit on top of your countertop or underneath the sink. They take plain old tap water and transform it into alkaline water through an electrical filtration process applied to the minerals in the water. Alkaline water is water that has a pH above 7, compared with distilled water which has a pH of seven.

The blood pumping through your veins likes to be at a constant pH of 7.35 which is slightly alkaline, so when we are drinking normal water, we are not getting that alkaline property into our bodies. Now you're probably asking yourself what does this all mean, but there are scientific studies that show that alkaline water can promote a healthier lifestyle and create an all-around better you. It has been shown to reduce fatigue, presence of cancer, and obesity.

Which water ionizer is the best?

Well there is no right answer for this one because everyone's needs are different and they'll be using their water ionizer for unique purposes. However, almost all of the water ionizers have the same basic functions. The water that is produced by these machines have three types of water that can be used for a variety of purposes. The first type is clean drinking water that is made for human consumption with the intent of being perfectly alkaline. The next type creates water that is appropriate for facial and body use such as shaving, washing the face, etc. The last type creates a more harsh and mineralized type of water used for cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and household surfaces.

There are several brands of water ionizers that are marketed within the United States, but almost all of them come from South Korea or Japan or a combination of both. The ones that sold on this site are KYK, Chanson, Water for Life, Jupiter (or now called Ionways), Alkulux, Tyent and LIFE Ionizers.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a water ionizer, but the main things to look for are plate size and how many plates are in the ionizer, filtration and filter replacement costs, power or electrical use and finally, and probably most importantly, price.

For a kitchen without a lot of counter space, we recommend an under the sink model such as LIFE 7000 or 8100, Jupiter Delphi or Chanson VS 70. When considering price as the main factor for your purchase, the KYK G2 and the Alkalux 2507 have the most bang for the buck.  For the biggest and best water ionizer, the LIFE LC-11 has 11 plates and is the newest on the market. If you want a great guarantee on a product, Jupiter (or now, Ionways) has one of the longest track records in the United States, having sold water ionizers here for over 10 years and they offer some of the best guarantees in the business. Also, Chason, Tyent and LIFE offer 10 year warranties with all of their products and have great customer service.

It's definitely a lot to think about, but once you know what you need and are looking for, the decision can be quite simple. 

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