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Water Ionizer Reviews

Water ionizer reviews can be misleading, depending on who is providing them. At Ionizer Oasis, we pride ourselves on bringing you information that you can verify by doing outside research. We represent several different water ionizer companies because there are some great products available that are made by multiple companies.

We feel that to be the best in the business at customer service, we have to start by offering our customers the best possible products.

The Jupiter line of water ionizers is an excellent brand. There are varying sizes and prices, but all models put efficiency and ease of use first. They are conveniently sized, durable and offer a very good filtration system. The important part about filtration is to make sure that the material used for the filters is not reactive with the items being filtered out of the water. These typically include chlorine, volatile organic compounds and trace metals.

The problem with a lot of filtration methods, namely those that employ charcoal or diatemaceous earth as the filtering agent, is that the agent can react with VOC's and lead to mold being grown or harmful byproducts that you do not want to be ingesting. All Jupiter filters, as well as the filtering systems for all ionizers sold on Ionizer Oasis, are constructed of either carbon or, in the case of the Tyent Turbo a combination of carbon and ceramics. These filtration systems are optimal and do not allow for any chance of side effects or mold growth.

The Tyent models carry a slightly larger price tag, but with that comes a slightly higher grade of production. Again, we want to stress that all of our products are top of the line and carry with them our guarantee of the highest quality in alkaline ionized water.

The Tyent Turbo is a more expensive model because it can achieve levels of alkalinity that meet or exceed any ionizer on the market. For some people, they are only looking to get ionized, alkaline water for their home. Other people, for various health issues, are more particular about the pH level of their water. For these people, the Tyent series provides a little more variance. 

Next is the Alkalux brand. With over 15 years in the business, the Alkalux line has definitely made its mark as one of the top water ionizer brands in the US. Their main machine, the Alkalux 2507, utilizes the latest technologies available. With a highly advanced filtration, adjustable pH levels & state of the art ionization, you can be sure you'll get what the machine can deliver. It also saves you in terms of electricity consumption because the machine has 55 adjustable levels for its power consumption ranging from 85 to 180 watts. This is also a perfect choice if you're on a tight budget.

Life Ionizers are similar to Tyent in that they provide a greater variance of alkalinity levels, as well as a bit more focus on the physical appearance of the ionizer. This isn't to say that anything is overlooked in terms of functionality and performance, but the Life brand has alternate styles and colors that are important to some customers. If you have a certain decor in your home, Life offers several version in black. Again, all of our products are of the highest quality, but here we provide an alternative look.

Last but not least is the Chanson line of water ionizers. This is another solid, dependable project that focuses on quality performance as well as providing a durable and dependable product.


When reading water ionizer reviews, make sure you pay attention to who is putting them on and what they stand to gain. A lot of groups support one specific brand because they want to target a niche. At Ionizer Oasis, we stand behind a group of products because we have found them to be the ones proven to perform and last while providing the cleanest, healthiest and best tasting water. 

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