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Tyent USA Good or Great?

Tyent USA is the American version of the very successful Korean water ionizer company. While the Korean company maintains production and distribution of the machine, Tyent USA exists in order to provide customer support and deal with issues that may exist due to communication barriers between the consumers and the home company in Korea.

This direct relationship between Tyent USA and Tyent Korea provides their company here in America with the ability to receive factory direct pricing. In this article, you will learn about Tyent USA’s top selling water ionizer, as well as see how it stacks up to other machines out there! Read on.

So what is the top selling machine from Tyent USA?

The company is proud to introduce its newest machine, the MMP-7070 Water Ionizer. It is the first in Tyent’s line to embrace the new 7-plate ionization technology. Its plates are platinum and titanium, and the machine definitely has a list of quality features.

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It comes with a 20-year guarantee on its ionization plates, and is currently selling at an introductory price of $1995.00.  While this is not the cheapest water ionizer on the market, it is also very far from the most expensive, making it a quality choice for the average consumer.

Tyent USA easily ranks among the top companies, producing and distributing quality machines.  They’re machine is fantastic. They’re customer service has been praised as one of the best, and their waranties are a solid guarantee that you’re machine won’t be breaking anytime soon (or they’ll fix it!).

As you may have already guessed by reading other parts of this website, we put Tyent USA in the top three of water ionizer companies. They have two very solid water ionizers which are very hot sellers and really deliver.  To really follow suite with the title, we have to concur that Tyent USA is great!  With other top companies like Jupiter and KYK, Tyent stands at the pinnacle of the water ionizer industry, boasting thousands of satisfied customers.


If you like what you’ve read about Tyent USA as a company, you should learn a bit more about their best machine!  To read more about what the MMP-7070 has to offer, check out our article on the best Tyent water ionizer.

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