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Tyent MMP 7070 Turbo Just Released

This week the Tyent MMP-7070 TURBO was unleashed upon the world. This newest offering from one of the top ionizer companies is really exciting because the Turbo can reach more extreme pH levels than almost any machine on the market.

Not only is it new, but it now may present the most serious competition to Enagic’s SD-501 machine in terms of pH and ORP ranges, advertising a range from all the way between 2.0 and 12.0 with the option to kick the power supply up to an impressive 280 watts when those extreme pH levels are needed.

So it beats Enagic in performance, but does it beat it in price?  Yes!  In fact, it comes for almost a $1500 discount to their staggering price. Of course, that’s due to the fact that Enagic uses a Multi-Level-Marketing business strategy which spikes their prices far higher than they should be.

So congratulations to Tyent on coming out with a monster of a machine, and once again raising the bar in the ionizer health industry!

To check out all the specifics of the new machine, click here! Tyent Turbo!

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