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Tyent MMP 5050 Water Ionizer

The Tyent MMP-5050 is the second newest machine released by Tyent USA, and just a step down from the MMP-7070.  It’s also held to the same high quality standards as the 7070 and it comes from a company you can trust.  Tyent has a solid money-back guarantee and a long list of satisfied customers, so you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth (unlike with some other ionizer companies…)

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Their MMP-5050 machine has a mix of standard and newer technology, with 5 ionizing plates, as opposed to the 7 plates featured by the Tyent MMP-7070. We felt it was worth writing a review for the MMP-5050 because it is currently selling for $1995. While the MMP-7070 is also selling for that price, it is scheduled to go up to $2500 shortly. So, for those of you who are interested in Tyent water ionizers, but are on a tighter budget, this may be the machine you go with.


Some Important Features of the Tyent MMP-5050

  • The unit comes with an SMPS electrical system, and has 55 adjustable levels of power consumption, ranging between 85 and 180 watts.
  • The entire MMP-5050 is controlled by one central processing unit (CPU), which automates the machine and optimizes for the exact desire pH and ORP, even with variations in the source water.
  • A two filter system utilizes Phi water purifying filters. The first filter is highly efficient, removing most heavy metals and harmful bacteria, while the second filter finishes the job.
  • The electrolytic tank in the Tyent MMP-5050 has an effective anti-virus system, which cleans the tank repeatedly with no extra power usage.
  • The RTR(Real Time Refresh) automatic washing system on this machine keeps the tanks and hoses clean without interrupting flow or usage of the unit.
  • The entire machine is sleek and compact, easily fitting on a counter top. It can also be converted for under sink fitting. The machine also comes in multiple colors, depending on your preference, and offers a very easy to use interface with push button and color displays.


Overall, we rate the Tyent MMP-5050 as a solid water ionizer.  However, the MMP-7070 will outperform this machine in ORP and in max and minimum pH levels. Also, the MMP-7070 is currently being sold at the same price as the 5050, making it a no-brainer to purchase.

Now if you’ve had a good look at all the Tyent models but aren’t done with your research yet, you may want to check out some machines made by another top company - Jupiter.  Start with our review of the Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer, and work your way up the list!

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