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Top 10 Uses for Alkaline Water

Wondering what you could do with your new water ionizer? Check out some of the ways that work well for us!

10. Cooking
The meat comes out much firmer! The Vegetables are greener and tastier! Since getting my water machine, I cook all my meals using Alkaline Water. People think I’ve become a better chef, but little do they know!

9. Constipation
An uncomfortable subject, so just drink Alkaline Water before you eat, and it will hydrate your bowels to have them running shortly…

8. Feeding Your Pets
They’re more energetic when they drink it (and their feces smells better too).

7. Dying clothing
The colors come out more brilliant…

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6. Drinking Alcohol
Include some alkaline water in your next cocktail. It neutralizes the acid, and it tends to prevent hangover.

5. Drinking Coffee
You’ll get the same strength and flavor by using less coffee grinds.

4. Drinking Tea
The color of tea becomes more vivid when mixed with Alkaline Water. It’s also less astringent and the taste is more mellow and delicious.

3. Eliminating Diarrhea  
Nobody likes this subject… But since diarrhea makes you dehydrated, Alkaline Water keeps you more hydrated than regular water since it has 3x the concentration of water molecules!

2. Regulating Blood Pressure
Drinking Alkaline Water one hour before eating will help temper high or low blood pressure. And finally….

1. Watering Your Plants!
That’s right! If you water your plants with Alkaline Water, they look healthier, need less water, live longer, and won’t even need pesticides. Try it out!


Now that you know a little more about the awesome benefits of what alkaline water can do for you, we think it’s time you looked into choosing the right machine for yourself.  Go on and visit our page that helps you determine which alkaline water machine is right for you!

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