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The Purpose of An Alkaline Water Ionizer

What is an alkaline water ionizer? Essentially, an alkaline water ionizer is a device that serves as a filter for your tap, or faucet, water. Further, the ionizer serves to alter the chemistry of the water, dividing it into two streams. The first stream is the water that you should use for drinking. This water has been altered so that it is the healthiest for you to drink. Not only has it been filtered, but it has also had harmful Oxygen atoms removed that, over time, accelerate the rate at which your body breaks down. 

The second stream is comprised of water that has also been filtered, but which possesses those excess Oxygen atoms.

While you do not want to ingest them in the quantities that you intake water on a daily basis, you can still use this water for cleaning dishes and cleaning minor cuts and abrasions. The water is actually preferable for these uses then regular tap water. Keep in mind, again, that this water has been filtered and had harmful metals and chemicals like chlorine removed by the alkaline water ionizer. For this reason, the water is safe and perfectly suitable for the aforementioned uses.

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An alkaline water ionizer represents a change in lifestyle. Although you may not know this, the average person should be drinking eight 8 oz. cups of water a day. That is fifty six cups of water a week! Take all the chemicals that are in your drinking water, as well as the Oxygen atoms, and consider that you are intaking these, or at least should be as part of a healthy diet, 56 times a week! That works out to 2,912 glasses of water a year that are working to usher harmful byproducts into your body.

Conversely you could use an alkaline water ionizer and improve your health by 3,000 glasses a year. When you think of your water intake in passing, it is easy to be flippant about how much you drink and how harmful it could be for you.

However, when you pause and give some actual thought to it, it really adds up quickly. This is just for yourself. If you have a family, while it is still about 3,000 glasses a person, you are talking about 12,000 glasses of water that could stand to be healthier for the average American family. This does not include guests and pets. 

The point here is that we intake a tremendous amount of water as a society. There is a product out there that can drastically increase the overall quality of your water. In addition, it can also serve to provide you better water for cleaning dishes and a few other household functions. Doesn't it make sense to invest in a device that can provide so much? Think of how much more water your family will drink, knowing that it is now healthier. The alkaline water ionizer is a win win product for you and your loved ones. Pick one out today.


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