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The Best Tyent Water Ionizer

In this article we’re going to discuss the best Tyent water ionizer on the market (as of October 2011), the Tyent UCE-9000T. As you may already know, Tyent USA is the American version of the very successful Korean water ionizer company. It sells some of the top quality water ionizers on the market, at very competitive prices. The Tyent machines have a reputation for quality, with many satisfied customers as proof. Continue reading to learn which ionizer is truly their top performer!

The Best Tyent Water Ionizer – The Under Counter UCE-9000T

Tyent USA has recently released its newest and best water ionizer, as well as its first under counter model, the Tyent UCE-9000T. It is the second Tyent water ionizer to use 9-plate technology (following the original Tyent MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme), for superior ionization. 

It is being sold an introductory price of $2,996.25, a 25% discount from the suggested $3995 and comes with a LIFETIME warranty on plates and a 10 year warranty on other parts and labor. Here at Ionizer Oasis, we are also offering three generous gift packs to choose from with your purchase of the UCE-9000T.  And now, financing is available on all Tyent machines so you and your family can begin drinking healthy alkaline water right away!


Important Features:

Plates: 9

Watts: 375

Display: Touchscreen LCD, modeled after Apple iPhone

Plate Style: Mesh titanium

Plate Material: platinum/titanium

pH Range: 2.0-12

Filtration: Dual filters ($99-$119 per pack) 
Maximum Flow Rate: 3.0 liters/min


The Tyent Under Counter UCE-9000T gets a VERY positive review from us. It is one of the top machines on the market available here in the United Sates for $2,996.25, which is a 25% savings off of the $3995 price, and only available for a short time. The under counter model will keep your kitchen looking sleek, while at the same time delivering you micro-clustered, filtered and ionized water in a wide range of pHs right out of your tap!

The Tyent MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme is also a great machine, and available for $2621.25.  The main differences between the machines are the design- over the counter or under the counter style, and a slightly lower power at 300 Watts for the MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme.  Any of our other Tyent Machines are also still a solid choice, and are offered in a range of plate quantities and power offerings.  Which one you should buy depends on the specific needs of your household. 

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