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Start Thinking About An Alkaline Water Machine

Have you ever been curious about what exactly an alkaline water machine is? Have you heard people discussing ionized water and not known exactly what they meant? Ever heard of the term alkaline water? This article will clue you in to what these terms mean. 

An alkaline water machine, or water ionizer, is a machine that you hook up to either your faucet, (the more traditional way), or the water source. The stream of regular tap water comes into the device and is first filtered. The importance of the filtering lies with what is found in everyday tap water. Chlorine, volatile organic compounds and trace metals are permitted to be in your everyday tap water based on the Safe Drinking Water Act that the EPA passed in 1974. 

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This act stipulates that there are acceptable levels of these chemicals that can be in your water without harming you. The filters that water ionizers employ prevent these harmful components from reaching your lips when you go to have a glass of water. Once the water is filtered, it is ionized and split into two streams. This entails a transfer of electrons and excess oxygen atoms from one stream of water to the other. The water that has undergone the 'removal' is what comes out as your drinking water. 

This drinking water, after the process, is now alkaline water. This means that on the pH scale, which measures acidity, the water has gone from being neutral to being a base, or higher up the scale that runs from 1-14. This water, besides being filtered, is considered to be better for you, health wise, because of the removal of those atoms. Over time, the excess Oxygen atoms build up in your system and work to effectively 'corrode' your organs.

It is a slow process, but these atoms accelerate the breaking down of your body. People who drink alkaline water tend to think of it as a fountain of youth, as it tends to aid in people looking younger longer.

The second stream of water is actually also quite useful. This water, with the excess from the ionization process, is actually better for cleaning, and is popular to use on dishes. It has also been shown to be more effective for cleaning minor cuts and scrapes, which if you have children, is certainly a part of life. This water can also be bottled in the case of an emergency where you lost utilities. If you are in an area where things like hurricanes or earthquakes are a possibility, it is good to have bottled water set aside for all the various household needs that could arise were you to lose use of your utilities. 


An alkaline water machine is an ideal house 'luxury' because it is something that increases your quality of life and provides safer, cleaner water for you and your family. Don't waste money on carbon filters or bottled water. Purchase the product that you know, and one that has been proven to be, the safest thing on the market for water filtration.

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