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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment and Purification

The purification of water is an important innovation that was created more than 40 years ago to give the Army clean drinking water in places like Vietnam where they weren't sure if the water was safe to drink. Now, more than 40 years later, people are discovering the advantages of reverse osmosis water treatment and putting these systems in their houses.

How does Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Work?

Reverse osmosis water treatment takes city tap water and makes it into clean water, without all of the additives or potential bacteria floating in it. The water is treated and purified using a three step system that first removes the larger pieces such as salt and lead.

Then it goes through a second filter where more of these minerals are removed.  The water is then pressurized and pushed into a final filter, a thin membrane where any salt or remaining minerals are taken out of the water, leaving it fresh and clean, but also very devoid of all of the essential minerals for the body. It purifies the water to its most natural state with just the H's and the O's (hydrogen and oxygen).

Sure, the water is clean and tasty to drink, but the body also needs to have some of the minerals. Plus the water tends to be slightly acidic from the process making it harder for the body to digest. There are ways to help correct this problem however. Y

ou can use a remineralizer or a water ionizer to add back in some of the missing nutrients that normally belong in drinking water.  A remineralizer puts back in some of the minerals that were taken out during the reverse osmosis process. After running the water through the RO system, you simply have to put it into a remineralizer and then a water ionizer, literally giving you the most delicious, healthy and tasty water on the planet. Not even the Alps have this great of water!

Are you Sure it's Safe?

Reverse osmosis water purification is an extremely effective and safe way to remove any impurities in normal tap water that comes from a treatment plant. Various tests and studies have shown that while reverse osmosis water is lacking some minerals and has a low pH, it cannot do long term damage to the body unless all you do is drink water and don't eat anything.

Reverse osmosis water treatment is one of the best ways to keep your family healthy and the water free from bacteria and the harmful fluoride.  Click here to browse all of our reverse osmosis systems!






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