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Reverse Osmosis Water System: Which RO Water Systems are Best?

Reverse Osmosis water systems have become extremely popular lately as a more cost effective and easy way to have clean, fresh and pure drinking water. Don't know everything there is to know about RO water systems? Don't you fret, we'll tell you everything that you need to know!

RO Water Systems

Most reverse osmosis water systems are in households, creating that straight from the bottle taste without all of the cost. Packs of water bottles can cost up to $5.00 now with many states having the CRV tax added to the price. With a RO system, the initial costs are about $1000, including all of the adjustments, a sediment and carbon pre-filtration system to help the membrane filter, and the maintenance.

The system itself usually only costs only about $200-300 however, and the filters for the RO water system are around $15. These filters need to be changed only once every one to three years depending on how much water is being used and filtered.

The reverse osmosis water system is comprised of three filters which the water must travel through. The first filter is used to get rid of larger sediment, such as rust. The second filer is to collect and trap smaller pieces such as chlorine and salt. The final filter is a thin membrane that catches any of the final ions or molecules that wouldn't taste very good in drinking water. The resulting water is clean, healthy and easily accessible.

The Earth and ozone layer would thank you for helping them out in the long run because you are able to fill those reusable water bottles with RO water so all of those plastic bottles that end up in the trash heap are eliminated.

Feel good about yourself!

Should you Buy One?

The system is a cheaper alternative to water bottles and all of the parts are usually DIY, so changing filters is an easy process. RO water systems provide pure, clean, water that doesn't come from the tap, plus you always know where your water is coming from. It should also give you peace of mind knowing that most bottled water companies use this exact method to create bottle water, so really you're only paying for the plastic that comes with the bottles.

Having a reverse osmosis water system is safe, effective and good for your family, so you should install one today. You can browse all the different reverse osmosis systems we carry here, or continue reading to learn more about reverse osmosis water.




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