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Reverse Osmosis Water: Is RO Water Safe?

Reverse osmosis water is created when tap water goes through a three step filter and filtration process. First it goes through a larger filter to get rid of rust and large sediment, then it goes through a second filter where the smaller particles, like chlorine and fluoride, are removed from the water, and finally it passes through a membrane where ions and molecules are taken out. This is an very effective for making bad water safe to drink. However, should you drink RO water all the time?

Is RO water safe?

For the most part, the answer is yes. The best thing about reverse osmosis is that the water can be taken from tainted sources, such as the ocean or rain water, and transformed into something that is delicious and ready to drink.  This makes it very easy for rural places able to have clean drinking water.

According to various studies though, RO can be a bit dangerous if consumed on a daily basis.  The loss of minerals within the water is not the best for your body. Also, reverse osmosis water tends to have a pH of 6, meaning that it is slightly acidic. 

This isn't good because water is best conumsed at a nuetral level of 7 or above (alkaline - see alkaline water). When talking about pH levels, we're referring to the relative acidity of any given substance such as food or water.  Because you can get your minerals from the foods you consume, the only way to get truly sick off of reverse osmosis water is drink this type of water only and not eat for several days.  So, for your average person and situation, drinking RO water is completely safe.

What Water Should You Ideally Be Drinking?

Drinking RO water is some of the freshest and purest water out there, but because of its acidic nature, you should try to mix it up a bit between tap water and reverse osmosis water. This will help you get some of the essential minerals that come in water and getting clean fresh water as well.  Better yet, you should learn about the pH benefits of a water ionizer, and turn your RO water into healthy alkaline water.

If you have a whole house reverse osmosis water system, you should make sure that it is always clean and that the filters and membrane are still good. Always make sure you know where your tap water is coming from so you are able to identify what types of minerals are in it and if it is the best source for your drinking water.


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