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Reverse Osmosis Water Filters: Don't Buy Without Reading This!

Reverse osmosis water filters have gotten quite popular lately, but most people who buy them are missing out on some critical info!  Don't worry, we'll tell you everything by the end of this article.

Why are Reverse Osmosis Systems Popular?

RO systems are an EXTREME type of water filter.  They utilize something called nano-filtration which filters better than basically any other kind of water filter.  In fact, once water has run through a particularly strong reverse osmosis filter there are VERY few minerals left in the water.

This is great for removing contaminants - The US Army often uses giant reverse osmosis machines when they're out in the field dealing with unknown water sources.  A filter this strong can get rid of just about everything.

Reverse osmosis is your best bet for cleaning water from an unhealthy or untrusted source.  They generally have at least 4 stages to their filtration process.  With only 2 stages in most water ionizers, they just can't compare with the raw filtration of reverse osmosis water filters.

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However... over the long term, drinking reverse osmosis water can be a BAD THING.

Why, you ask?  Wouldn't it be good to just drink pure water?


Because your body needs minerals.  Just like everybody tells you that yogurt is filled with good bacteria, well, water should be filled with good minerals.

Side note: This is why the term "mineral water" is kind of a joke.  All water really has minerals in it, but people who make mineral water just make sure there are more good minerals than usual.


Reverse osmosis water tends to be more acidic than regular water. 

I hope that if you're on our website you've been informed about the importance of drinking alkaline water.  But if not, just know that you really want to AVOID acidic compounds when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet!

So when you get water out the other side of an RO Machine, it's devoid of minerals that your body likes... AND the water is slightly acidic. 

That's a double-whammy, isn't it?

Now you might be thinking, well... I'll just run the water through my water ionizer and make it more alkaline, right?

Unfortunately, that's impossible.

You see, water ionizers are able to run their electrolysis process easier when there are more minerals in the water.  The higher the mineral count, the easier it is to reach extreme levels of pH and -ORP.

So, if you try to run a water ionizer on reverse osmosis water which has almost no minerals... what will happen? 

Almost nothing at all.  The ionizer requires minerals in order to ionize.

This really stinks for people who have bad source water... because the best way to clean it is with reverse osmosis, but then they're left with water that's acidic with no healthy minerals!

Well, guess what?

We finally figured it out.

Fortunately, there's a solution to BOTH of these negative issues!

It's called a "remineralizer."

A remineralizer is basically a big block that you can run a water source through and help it pick up all those good minerals that it lost in the reverse osmosis process, making water healthy again for you to drink!

We HIGHLY recommend it.

So Here's the Ultimate Combination...

If you have questionable source water, you'll want to follow these steps:

  1. Run your water through a prefilter to remove any major contaminant issues

  2. Run the resulting water through a reverse osmosis water filter

  3. Follow that up with a remineralizing prefilter

  4. Run that resulting water through your favorite water ionizer

  5. Drink up! :)

That's it!

If you want a recommendation on the whole system, why don't you check out our own pre-packaged Reverse Osmosis System which already comes with a Remineralizer!

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