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pH and ORP A Quick Chemistry Lesson

All of the water ionizing machines base their performance off their abilities to reach certain levels of pH and ORP. To the average person however, these are just numbers. What is the real meaning behind pH and ORP, and why should you care? Well the health benefits associated with the proper use of alkaline and acid ionized waters lie in their ability to achieve specific numbers in pH and ORP. Continue reading to learn exactly what this means and why it will be great for your health!

pH – A Logarithmic Measurement

pH as defined by Wikipedia, is the “negative decimal logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in an aqueous solution”. Great…and that means?

Basically, pH is the level of hydrogen ions which are floating around in a liquid. The liquid we’ll be focusing on primarily, is your bodily fluids. Hydrogen ions are free floating atoms of hydrogen, which are unbound to any other molecules.

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Why should you care?

The more free floating hydrogen ions, the more oxidation which can occur. Oxidation is what happens when metal rusts, or fruit turns brown and squishy. Oxidation of your insides, simply means aging, poor health, and eventually cancer or death.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Acidic pH is anywhere below 7, with basic or alkaline lies above 7. Our bodies are in a healthy balance when the pH is approximately 7.35, meaning our bodies are slightly basic.

Most Americans, however, are walking around with a much less than neutral pH level. Your average soda has a pH level of 2.7! It is highly acidic. Greasy animal proteins and processed foods only add to this pH destruction, bringing our bodies out of balance.

Green tea, which I happen to be drinking as I write this article, is a pH of 9.0. In places where processed foods are not the main source of food, and natural high pH drinks like green tea are a staple in the diet, the people experience longer, healthier lives. Not only do they live longer, but you don’t see nearly as many older people who experience loss of mobility and overall loss of functioning.


ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential

When something is being oxidized, the molecules of the substance are being combined with oxygen. While life as we know it could not be possible without oxygen, it is also a devastating killer of our cells. Oxidization, as stated above, is what you’re watching when metal rusts or fruit turns brown. Oxidized cells become damaged and useless.

A term that gets thrown around a lot, which most people don’t truly understand is “antioxidant”. “Oh, that’s really healthy. It’s full of antioxidants.” ORP is exactly what people are talking about when they say that!

When something is measured as having a negative ORP, it is healthy for your body. It is an antioxidant. When the reading is a positive ORP, it means it is an oxidizer.

The Relation Between pH and ORP

pH and ORP are different measurements, yet very closely related. Acidic solutions are also positive in ORP, while alkaline solutions contain negative ORP.

Alkaline water has a negative ORP and is an antioxidant.

Now that you know the basics about pH and ORP, you should begin learning about the health benefits of alkaline water.  By controlling the pH and ORP of your water and utilizing both acidic and alkaline water for different daily tasks, you can live a healthier, longer, more energetic life.  Click here to read our informative articles on water ionizer health benefits!

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