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Living With an Alkaline Water Ionizer

If you’re going to purchase an alkaline water ionizer, you should prepare yourself for what you’re about to experience… Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were able to drink pure, unadulterated water each and every day, knowing that there were no contaminants like chlorine or fluoride that you were consuming along with it? What if you could wake up ready to go each and every day, with as much energy as you had when you were a teenager? If you have kids of your own, you might soon be running circles around them. This article is a list of some of the best parts about owning an alkaline water ionizer!

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1. Acid Water - One of the major benefits of having the ionizer around is actually having acid water on hand, the water that isn’t good for you to drink and is removed during the ionization process.

This is because acid water works great for other things. It’s fantastic for washing your skin and face, because it acts as an astringent and so does a much better job of removing the oils and dirt from your pores. It also destroys most major bacteria immediately, and so is great for washing out wounds, scrapes, or even getting the itch out of mosquito bites! You’ll feel like a real home chemist once you start to see all the benefits of having both acid and alkaline water at your disposal.

2. Increased Energy - If you drink a big glass of ionized water every morning, you will never have a problem waking up.  Many people say it’s much more effective than coffee, and there’s no argument that it’s far healthier.  Within just a few days, most people report having increased energy all day long. 

Drinking ionized water and removing the contaminants that most people put into their bodies on a daily basis is just one part of living a healthy, rewarding lifestyle.  What will YOU do with all that increased energy?  Write that book you’ve always planned to?  Join a sports club?  Throw a party?  Whatever you choose to do, you’ll feel like the world is your oyster.

3. Confidence In Your Water - It’s unbelievable the things that are found in people’s tap water all over the country, every time they do a new study.  Not only are chemicals like chlorine and fluoride added to it regularly, but who knows what the pipes under the ground look like, or what percentage of bacteria or other contaminants were not able to be removed. 

Installing an alkaline water ionizer in your home is one of the most important things you can do for your family’s health.  Think how confident you will be when you know that you have the leading technology in water filtration guarding you from the unknowns in your public water system.


Now that you’ve learned some of the great things about owning a water ionizer, have you thought about whether your water is hard or soft?  If you’re not sure, and you’re looking into getting an ionizer, read our next article about alkaline water systems and how they deal with hard water.  We consider it required reading!

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