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KYK Harmony Water Ionizer

Important Update: This machine has been retired by the manufacturer. The KYK Harmony water ionizer is no longer sold, because there is more advanced technology available today.  Instead, we recommend you purchase the newest KYK G2, which outperforms it in every aspect and costs close to the same.

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The KYK Harmony water ionizer is the first ionizing machine to introduce SMPS electrical system, making it one of the coolest, quietest, most efficient ionizers on the market.

With a price tag of just under $1300, you can see why these machines are flying off the shelf! Not only does it come with an economical price tag, but the features and quality of ionized water is top-notch. In this article we’re going to highlight some of the main features of the KYK Harmony and show you exactly why it stands among the best in the water ionizer industry.


Top 5 innovations of the KYK Harmony Water Ionizer

  1. The KYK harmony is a powerful water ionizer, which creates the scientifically enhanced alkaline or acidic water. Both of these altered pH waters are capable of providing great health benefits when used correctly. For example, the acidic water has been shown to provide tighter skin and fuller hair, while the alkaline water can be used to prevent heartburn and arthritis.
  2. The KYK Harmony has an advanced SMPS electrical system, which not only makes it cooler and quieter, but also allows you to run it for up to an hour at a time. This is a great improvement over many ionizers which are only capable of running for about fifteen minutes.
  3. The machine comes with an activated carbon water filtration system, which removes 99.99% of pollutants, including fluorides and heavy metals, from your drinking water.
  4. With the average lifespan of the KYK Harmony water ionizer, you are looking at paying about 2 cents per liter of clean, ionized water. This not only saves you a fortune over buying bottled water, but the longer life of this machine saves you a fortune over some of the lesser ionizers.
  5. The smaller water clusters produced by the KYK Harmony aid the enzymes in your body to break down food and absorb nutrients. This water has been shown to help the body absorb as much as 30% more nutrients when compared with tap or bottled water.


Overall the KYK Harmony water ionizer is a fantastic buy. It is economical and gets the job done. However, it does not perform up to the standard of the new KYK G2. The recently released KYK Generation Two - G2 blows the Harmony out of the water! (pun intended)

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