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Jupiter Water Filter

If you haven't already checked out a Jupiter water filter or alkaline water ionizer, you should. These products are among the best on the market and can have you drinking cleaner, healthier water for the rest of your life with one simple order.

For starters, a Jupiter water filter and ionizer combo can be had for an extremely competitive price. Jupiter is known for producing durable, dependable and quality products for a competitive price, and has been since they started making water ionizers in 1982.

Jupiter's ionizers are guaranteed to bring you clean water that has had harmful substances like chlorine, trace metals and volatile organic compounds completely removed. These substances, if you did not already know, are prevalent in tap water around the country in varying amounts. 

The Safe Drinking Water Act that the EPA passed in 1974 allows for certain levels of these contaminants to be present in tap water as long they do not exceed a certain predetermined level. While the EPA has set these level standards, these are not substances that you should be ingesting if you can avoid it. A Jupiter water filter serves to remove these substances prior to the ionization process. 

The ionization process that takes place involves the water passing through a series of electrodes that serves to make half the water alkaline and rid it of excess Oxygen atoms. This 'improved' water stream comes out as your drinking water. The other half of the water comes out as a different stream. This water is not waste. Rather, it is actually better for uses such as cleaning items like dishes as well as for using to clean minor cuts and scrapes.

The 'improved' water is beneficial for two reasons. The first is that it goes from a pH level of 7, or neutral, to one that you can choose.

The goal is to have the water between 7.2 and 8.5, thus making it a base, or alkaline. This, combined with the second feature, makes the water much healthier. The second benefit is the removal of the excess Oxygen atoms.

These atoms collect inside of you over time and work to increase the aging process slowly by 'corroding' your insides. Oxygen has this effect on all sorts of substances, including organic matter, when in a concentrated form. In this case, you are removing the excess. Because of this and the resulting lack of the Oxygen's effect, your overall health is maintained longer.


Ionized water has been demonstrated to be healthier for you, and is an improved version of what you get from the more cost conscious water filter pitchers. With these ionizers, you know that you are getting the cleanest water run through the best possible filter systems.

Additionally you know that it has been ionized and with that there are the aforementioned health benefits. Make the move today and have your family drinking the healthiest, cleanest and best tasting water available.

The average person is supposed to drink eight 8 oz glasses of water a day. Shouldn't you be putting the healthiest water possible into your body?

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