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Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer

Back in Spring of 2009, Ionways/Jupiter relased an inexpensive and still popular machine - the Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer.  Being the water ionizer fanatics we are, we were the first to bring you a product review.  So, for your viewing pleasure, we now present what we believe is the FIRST Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer Review out on the internet!  Will it stand up to the test?  

The Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer - Brand New Technology.

The Jupiter Venus is a replacement for the Jupiter Microlite, which has now been put out to pasture and us no longer manufactured.  We’re quite pleased with that decision, because we weren’t the biggest fans of the Microlite, and before we knew it, here comes a real heavy hitter in its place.  The great thing about the Venus is that it’s still being sold as a mid-range ionizer, but since it’s brand new it has taken advantage of some of the newest ionizer technology.

Some of the biggest advancements have come in the form of their Flow Control Knob, Voltage Regulator, and Touch Screen Technology.  These might not sound that interesting right now, but trust me, they are a large improvement that has never before been featured on anything less than a top of the line ionizer.

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Features Resembling A Top of the Line Machine

Filter - The Jupiter Venus features the signature water filter of the Jupiter corporation - their Biostone filter.  This is the same filter they use in their top of the line model, the Jupiter Aquarius / Orion.  You can get it in either the standard .1 or the upgrade .01 Micron versions - we recommend the .01, simply because you get better filtration for only $30 more.  This is a proven filter that your family can trust to remove any contaminants from their water.

Touch Screen - The interface on this machine has been much improved.  It now offers a touch screen quite comparable to the higher end models, as well as audio notifications and a sealed surface which makes cleaning no problem at all.

Flow Control Knob - This is a huge feature, considering the price of this ionizer.  It allows you to finely tune the flow of water coming out of the filter, so that you can hit the exact pH you’re looking for.  Think of it like a radio dial - you just turn the dial which tunes into the proper flow to meet your desired pH.  No more inexact pH guesswork that’s common with older models.  This is a luxury.

Voltage Regulator - Along with the flow control knob, having a voltage regulator allows for a very customizable user experience.  If you have especially hard or soft water (for instance, if you’re from the southwest US you probably have fairly hard water), you can adjust this knob to increase or decrease the voltage and thus strengthen or ease the ionization process.  In that way, you can truly find the “sweet spot” pH that’s customized to your home’s water.

A Trustworthy Corporation

As we’ve said in the past, Jupiter is one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the industry.  They’ve been in business in the US for decades now, are certified by the BBB, and also have the coveted UL certification that is only held by two other ionizer companies - KYK and Enagic.

Beyond certifications, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 5 year warranty, where they will pay for shipping in the event of any manufacturing defect, and promise to have the machine repaired within only 3 days.  Quality stuff.


Price, and the Bottom Line

The Jupiter Venus is retailing for the surprisingly low value of only $1195, and even comes with free shipping.

Up until this point, we haven’t been very impressed with the mid-range ionizers on the market.  We felt like they were more of a headache than they were worth, and that you’d be much happier in the long run going for a top of the line ionizer.

But the Jupiter Venus has changed that!

We now proudly proclaim that if you’re not looking for a top of the line ionizer with all the full bells and whistles, then you will still be more than satisfied with a Jupiter Venus, considering the savings.  They’re a great company, and they’ve come out with a great product to live up to their reputation.  Congratulations, Jupiter!

Now that you know about the quality of the Jupiter Corporation, you  might be interested in taking a look at their next step up - the Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer.  We gave a full, in-depth review!

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