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Jupiter Microlite Ionizer Review

*Update: The Jupiter Microlite is no longer in production, and has been replaced by the Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer, which retails for $1195.  Click the Link to read our Review!*

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If you’re on a budget and still trying to find a water ionizer that gets the job done right, you may be looking into purchasing a Jupiter Microlite.  A fair amount of people look into getting one, mostly because it costs $875 - practically half the cost of a top of the line water ionizer.  However, this ionizer is not quite up to the power standards of a fully competitive model, and thus, if you’re looking for an ionizer that you can use all day long, drinking glasses of it in addition to using in your cooking water, and all the other good stuff that you can use a full ionizer for, you’re going to end up with a few headaches in the process.  In this article, let’s go further into detail on some of the reviews we’ve gotten back about the Jupiter Microlite.

Difficulty Reaching the Promised pH

The Jupiter Microlite promises to be able to output a pH from 4.0 - 6.0 in the acid range, and from 9.0 - 10.0 in the alkaline range.  However, by reading buyer reviews online you’ll find that the machine was quite often not able to hit those ranges when run at a regular flow rate, to the buyers’ surprise.  In order to get the water near your desired pH range, you’ll have to run the water out at a painfully slow pace.  And then, depending on the composition of their home’s water, many buyers have found that they still cannot come near the 10.0 alkalinity towards the high end of its advertised range if their water is soft.


Highly Dependent on the Source Water

A lower end machine like this is going to be dependent mostly on the amount of minerals that you have in your tap water.  If you’re not in an area which has highly mineralized water right from the start, I cannot say that I would recommend this machine, simply because it’s just not powerful enough.  You will most likely find yourself waiting forever to get just one cup of water out of it, and after all that, it still may not hit the desired pH.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Yes, the Jupiter Microlite is one of the cheapest machines out there, and it does come from a reputable company.  However, for all the headaches that will most likely come with this machine, we think you’ll probably wish you’d just kept the $875, or sprung for a top of the line model.  A water ionizer is a serious investment, and if you’re going to buy one, you should get one that you know you won’t have any regrets about, one that you’ll happily use every day without waiting over a minute for every glass you squeeze out.

The only consumers who might want to consider this machine are those who have highly mineralized water and who are fairly confident that there aren’t any contaminants in their water to begin with.  In that case, you could consider doing the 60 day trial and seeing how you feel about it.  If it doesn’t work out, be sure to upgrade in time before you’re stuck with a sub-par machine.

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