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Jupiter Aquarius and Orion Water Ionizer Review

The Jupiter Aquarius Water Ionizer and the Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer are the EXACT same machine, just with different shells and different names.  Despite any possible confusion, this is a very high quality machine.  However, we are currently out of stock on this machine, but we do have the newer and more advanced Jupiter Delphi and Jupiter Athena machines available. We will leave up this review for the benefit of anyone out there on the web who is considering purchasing one of these ionizers.

Plates: The Jupiter Aquarius / Orion Water Ionizer offers “super-fine mesh plate” technology in order to maximize surface area.  This results in a more effective filtering than you will find with the flat plates that come on older machines such as the Enagic SD-501 and Jupiter Melody.  They only use 5 plates, whereas many of the other top models today offer 9  plates. However, the quality of the plates is such that the 5-plated Jupiter Machines are able to achieve similar results to comprable 7 plate macines.

Power Source: This machine uses a Transformer power source, the same as the Enagic SD-501.  This is older technology which has been replaced with an SMPS power supply in the IonQuench and Tyent MMP-7070.  A transformer requires more energy to achieve the same output as the SMPS, and is thus is a bit less green-friendly.

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pH Settings: The Jupiter Aquarius / Orion offers 9 different pH settings.  The Ion Quench offers 76 programmable pH settings, and the Tyent 7070 offers 55.  However, anything more than the 9 is rarely needed.

Filters: The Jupiter Aquarius / Orion has a single 9-stage .01 Micron filter.  This is the same filter that has been available as an upgrade in their cheaper models, including the Jupiter Microlite and Jupiter Melody, for years now.  These work to remove everything from chlorine to heavy metals and to reduce fluoride.

Acid Water: This machine is able to produce acid water, which you can use for anything from sterilizing your dishes and counter-tops to washing your hands, or even as an antiseptic for cuts or an astringent to take the sting out of bug bites.

Certifications: Jupiter, IonQuench, and Enagic are all UL certified for their models.  Their filters are also built to NSF standards.  Jupiter is definitely a dependable company.

Price: The Jupiter Aquarius / Orion costs $1895

So there you have it.  This is a very high quality machine, from Jupiter/Ionways, a leader in water ionizer technology.  It comes highly recommended to anyone who is looking to improve their lives with the addition of a water ionizer.


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