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Is There an Alkaline Water Scam?

Some random online sources have been claiming that there’s an “Alkaline Water Scam” going on, and that by citing one or two inconclusive scientific experiments that they have dis-proven the effects of alkaline water forever.

My opinion?  Before you go believing these unofficial, sketchy-looking web sites and write alkaline water off, look  more deeply into the government-funded clinical studies that have been done in Japan and Korea.  Do your own research.  Even if you don’t want to believe to the limitless number of testimonials from real people all over the world, just look into the real medical studies.

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To let you know what I really think, there hasn’t been enough attention paid to alkaline water in the western hemisphere to be able to speak conclusively on the subject.  What we do know is that the vast majority of studies have been done in the far east, and that is also where the evidence is coming from. 

People in the west are just starting to hear about the miracles that have come from this stuff, and it always takes science a while to catch up.  Scientific studies take a long time, require tons of funding, and often have to be re-tested over and over for scientists to admit that there has been a change in generally accepted opinions.


Yet, science is constantly being updated and new discoveries are made every day in the US.  If you believe less than a handful of half-baked western studies over a host of thorough eastern studies, then you’re asking to be proven wrong over the course of the next decade. 

If you’re smart, you’ll check out the alkaline water testimonials and you’ll try the water yourself in a free trial.  You have nothing to lose.  If you think it’s a scam, you’re perfectly welcome to your opinion.  But please stop trying to “debunk” alkaline water with a glaring lack of medical support to your argument.  You’re just distracting the people who are out there seeking a healthier life and looking to do something about it.  Is it really that hard to try the stuff yourself?

With everything new and great there will always be nay-sayers.  There will always be those who want to maintain the status quo and don’t believe that there is anything out there in the world that can improve their situation.  That’s to be expected.  When something this radical is discovered and brought to a new country, it’s going to be lumped in with all the other “fads” and wacky diets and who knows what else.  But the difference here is that there is real medical evidence coming out of some of the most developed nations in the world.  Just because it’s not coming from the US yet does not change how I feel when I drink this stuff.  Again, all I can say is do a free trial.

Not convinced?  Then move on to our next article, Alkaline Water Myth.  We’ll go into detail on specifics about the companies and why their business models could not even support an alkaline water scam.  It’s impossible.

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