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Ionizer Water Filter Analysis

While there is a lot of attention paid to the ionization process and what water ionizers do, there is not as much focus put on the ionizer water filter. This article will examine the various ionizers and the respective ionizer water filter.

For the Jupiter model water ionizers, there are two primary replacement filters. The first is the Jupiter Biostone .01 micron ultra filter. This can be used with the Melody, Microlite and Neptune. This is a quality filter that is cost effective, last about 6-8 months for a family of four and leaves the water with a clean taste. You are paying for the advanced filtration and the fact that it is the best filter you can get for these Jupiter models.

The KYK Genesis Filter 1 is a filter that can be used for all KYK models and is comprised of several different types of filters with eight levels in total. This is a very good unit, with four of the eight filters being plane anti bacterial filters that ensure clean sterile water for you and your family. 

The KYK Genesis Filter 2 is a similar filter, but it has fewer layers and larger core filters. The point of this filter is that it is arranged for longer use. It has the same filtering abilities as the KYK Genesis Filter 1,  but is made for filtering up to 9,000 liters of water.

The Tyent Filter kit is a set of two filters. Again, we are looking at basically the same results as with the other units, except with this kit being made for Tyent filters as well as slightly different materials being used.

This unit still uses carbon based filters, as with the previously detailed models, but also has a series of ceramic layers. These various methods have all been tested and proven to eliminate chlorine, volatile organic compounds and trace metals that are typically found in your everyday tap water. 


While the ionization of the water, as well as the change from neutral to alkaline, is very important, the entire process starts with the filter.

This is the piece that you will have to monitor and replace so as to keep your water healthy and free of the substances that are allowed to be present despite the Safe Drinking Water Act passed by the EPA. While this act was good in what it accomplished, it allows for too many chemicals and volatile organic compounds to be present in your water.

The most important thing, prior to worrying about an ionizer water filter, is finding the ionizer that is right for you. From there, the filter part is easy because all the filters carried here are quality products made by the same responsible companies that put out the actual ionizers that you find on this site.

The ionizer will have some to do with what you are specifically looking for, how much you have to spend and what additional features you find most important. No matter which you choose, rest assured that the ionizer and filter, working together, will produce a cleaner, healthier water then you have ever had before.

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