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Ionizer Health Effects and Reversing Sodas Destruction

As many people know, America has become one of the fattest countries in the world. With 61% of the population considered overweight, and 33% of children considered obese, it has truly become an epidemic.

Year after year the negative health effects of being overweight are the leading causes of death. Surprisingly, soda along with other highly sugared carbonated beverages, has been directly linked to causing much of the obesity problem.

In one study, just one extra soft drink per day gave a child a 60% greater chance of becoming obese. Not only are they harmful for your weight, but the acidic content in soda is damaging to your body and organs!

Luckily, a diet rich in water can have great health effects, especially if the water has been treated with an ionizer, increasing its PH and its health fullness to your body.

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Think soda isn’t that bad for you? According to Dr. McCay, a nutritionist at the Naval Medical Research Institute, there is a significant amount of phosphoric acid inside soda. “…we put human teeth in a cola beverage and found that they softened and started to dissolve within a short period…The acidity of a cola beverage is about the same as vinegar.”

Irresponsible or uniformed people are feeding this acid beverage to their children, who’s young bodies can not even begin to handle the mixture of sugar, caffeine, phosphoric acid, and flavoring chemicals it is being fed. These people then grow up to repeat the process, never realizing the body damaging effects they are willingly applying to themselves on a daily basis.

Because of the especially high phosphorous levels in soda, it is especially harmful to the body.

There is a phosphorous to calcium ratio which must be maintained at one to one for proper bone and skeletal health. Because of this excess intake of soda, some Americans have tested to have ratios as bad as four or five to one. At these levels, valuable calcium is stripped from bones leaving them weak and frail. Ionized water has shown the health benefits of returning the body to the correct ratio, and improving calcium levels in the bones.


Ionizer Health Effects

Thankfully it has been proven that an ionizer can have extremely positive health effects in relation to the bodies all important acid – alkaline balance. To have happy healthy cells, we can not choke our bodies with acid intense soft drinks and foods. The high PH water that comes out of an ionizer can reverse the effects of acid buildup, by aiding the body through superior hydration. A diet which is rich in ionized water has been proven to cure illnesses including migraines, heart burn, angina, and lower back pain, which all result from dehydration and acid buildup.

If you’d like to learn more about the positive health effects of alkaline water, check out our article Alkaline Health Benefits - Three Avoidable Chronic Diseases.

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