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Ionized Water Machine: Common Questions Answered

What exactly does an ionized water machine do? Further, what is the end result of my water running through it? Is there really a big difference between my regular tap water and the water I get from an ionized water machine? What exactly is it protecting me and my family from? These are common questions that we will address in this article.

An ionized water machine, or water ionizer, is a device that you hook up to your faucet or directly to the water source, although attaching it to the faucet is the more common practice. To begin, the answer to whether or not there is a big difference between tap water and water run through a water ionizer is an emphatic yes. Lets first examine what happens to the water.

When your tap water enters the water ionizer, it is first filtered. In todays market, there are quite a few different types of water filters. The filters used in the water ionizers that you find on this site are the top of the line. They are responsible for filtering out various chemicals including chlorine, trace metals and volatile organic compounds, or VOC's.

This is important for several reasons. One is that these substances, while determined by the EPA to not be hazardous to your health in trace amounts, are still present.

You literally have the option of whether or not to ingest them by getting yourself the proper filtering system. The filters in the ionizers here are the cleanest and most efficient at eliminating these chemicals. So half of what an ionized water machine is accomplishing would be filtration of your rinking water.

The second step is the ionization of your water. This involves the altering of the electron amount in your water. So what does this accomplish?

The main thing that happens here is that your water is taken from being neutral on the pH scale to being an alkaline. The pH scale is the scale that determines acidity of substances. The benefit of the ionization and transformation to an alkaline substance is twofold. One is that, as simple as this may sound, this is the only way to make water alkaline without adding a substance such as baking soda that is going to alter the taste. But why is having the water be an alkaline so important.

Alkaline water is lacking additional Oxygen atoms that your typical tap water possesses. These atoms, over time, build up in your system and work to 'corrode' your vital organs at a slightly increased rate. It is because of this that alkaline, or ionized water, is thought to slow the aging process. Effectively it is just not harming you as much as traditional tap water.


An ionized water machine produces cleaner, healthier water for you and your family. That is the end result. In case you were wondering, the water that enters the device is split into two streams.

One stream is the previously mentioned cleaner, healthier drinking water. The other is the byproduct water. Because of the increase of electrons and Oxygen in this water, it is actually better for cleaning dishes and other objects. Nothing is wasted, with the water being split to achieve greater results in two different areas of your life. Invest today in this incredible product.

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