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How To Make Alkaline Water

Have you ever wanted to know how to make alkaline water? To start, water has a pH rating like all other substances. Tap water happens to have a pH rating of 7, which is neutral. This lies at the middle of the scale, between acid and base. When we talk about how to make alkaline water, we are basically saying that we want to make the water a base instead of neutral. 

The health benefits of water that has been treated revolves around water being ionized, and not just made an alkaline, which again is when it has a pH above 7. An easy way to create alkaline water is by simply adding some baking soda.

This will make the water alkaline, although it will taste like water with baking soda in it. In other words, it won't taste very good. The safe levels on the scale of for alkaline water that you are going to consume is 7.2-8.5. Again, though, this is how to make alkaline water and not how to make ionized water.

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Ionized water, which also tends to be alkaline because of the ionization process, is beneficial for a number of reasons. One is that it has be shown to help counteract the aging process. While you should not read that last line as if it represents some type of fountain of youth,

it is true. Typical tap water has an abundance of Oxygen atoms. Point in fact, there is actually an unnecessary amount. These excess atoms, over time, have the potential to combine and have an adverse effect on your internal organs. 

This occurs because Oxygen is a corrosive element in its natural state. While we do need it to breath, there is not a great amount of it in air.

Oxidation occurs on multiple surfaces, such as metals which can be seen on the Statue of Liberty actually, and essential represents corrosion. This is, to a degree, what occurs inside of you. It takes a long time, but the result of removing this from your drinking water lends itself to slowing the aging process.


While you can create ionized alkaline water for yourself, it is a lengthy process and cannot be done in great enough quantities to make it worth your while. What you can do though is purchase an alkaline water ionizer. This product accomplishes this task for you, quickly and conveniently.

The ionizer attaches to your home faucet or water source and takes care of the ionization within the unit, producing you cleaner and healthier drinking water. 

Further, there is also water 'produced' that has the excess electrons that are pulled from the water meant for drinking. This water has its place as well.

It is very good for using to clean dishes and is also better for administering to the cleaning of cuts. I know when you read that it is good for cleaning dishes, this seems obvious since we use water either way. What is meant by that though is that it is better in terms of sterilizing your cookware then normal water.

If you have done your reading and are serious about having alkaline ionized water, look into purchasing a water ionizer. It is the most efficient, safest and cheapest way to attain the desired healthy water.

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