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How Do I Choose A Filter?

Alkaline water filters (more commonly referred to as water ionizers) are becoming more and more popular every day. Everyone is rushing to get one for their family, and yet most of these people don’t really know what separates one filter from another.  Which machine produces the highest quality water, and which machine just has the best advertising?


Unless you have a scientific background, this stuff can be pretty confusing.  And in the ionizer market, more expensive does NOT always equal higher quality.

With so many filters available in the market, and such confusing scientific terminology, most people choose their machine based on a relationship with a dealer, rather than the quality of the product itself.  The worst part is that most dealers don’t even know how to accurately compare ionizers, and most are representing companies that are only second best, or worse.

Buying the correct alkaline water filter for your family is very important considering how expensive they are.  You want to know that you’ll have a quality machine that lasts a very long time.  When it comes to purchasing an ionizer, the two major factors you want to consider are the price of the ionizer and the performance of that ionizer.

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1) Price - Prices of ionizers range anywhere from around $800 to $4000, depending on where you go and whether you try to buy a used machine.  I would say there’s generally 3 classes of ionizer and the prices are spread all around.

The lowest class would be used ionizers, which you can get for a variety of prices but you always have to consider that you don’t know how that ionizer was used before you got it.

The middle class would be new but cheaper models of ionizer.  These can do a good job for the money they cost, and have tons of happy customers.  But depending on the type of water you have, they may not be putting out the most alkaline water because they’re simply not as strong.  It really depends on the type of water going in.  However, they can be a nice solution for many families and are a good price compromise.

The top class are the heavy-hitters, machines like the Tyent Turbo ($2,495), Alkalux 2507 ($1,516), IonQuench 8080 ($1,695), Life 9000 ($2,497) and Jupiter Delphi ($2,695).  We used to list the Enagic SD-501 in this class, but at this point it’s been soundly beaten in video comparison tests by other top models, and since many of these machines are less than half the price of the Enagic machine, we no longer consider that machine to be a rational contender.  Now let’s move onto the second main factor, performance.

2) Performance - The most important factors to judge an alkaline water filter’s performance are that it can get your house’s water to the proper pH and -ORP levels consistently, and that it can perform over time by cleaning itself effectively and without you having to wait to get your water while it runs its cleaning process.  Furthermore, you want to make sure that you have a machine whose cleaning process eliminates the formation of scaling on its plates (a common side effect of filtering especially hard water) because this can really drag down the long-term performance of your filter.

If the machines you’re considering meet these features, then the only other consideration would be warranty and company reputation.  We recommend calling the company and asking them questions regarding their return policy, customer service benefits, and anything else you can think of to make sure that you’re comfortable with buying from them.

Now that you’re an expert on Alkaline Water Filters, have you heard any discouraging comments about an Alkaline Water Scam?  If so, you should read our response in our next article, Alkaline Water Scam.  We think their claims are a bunch of bunk!

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