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Enagic USA and Kangen Water - An Ionizer Oasis Expose

Enagic USA is a company that sells "Kangen Water®" machines here in the United States.  In this article, we'll be discussing the company, their products and their pricing.  We'll also be clearing up some confusion that may be out there surrounding the term "Kangen Water®" and what that really means.

Most importantly, we'll be sharing why you DON'T need to spend $4,000+ to get a quality alkaline water machine.  In fact, there are several other companies selling these machines here in the United States for much more affordable prices, but we'll get to that later...

Is Kangen Way Overpriced

It can be very confusing the way they represent the industry because "Kangen Water®" and alkaline water are really one and the same.  Kangen is a Japanese word meaning "return to origin".  What they are trying to imply through this name is that their water is as pure as the source, as the most amazing water found in nature.

And you know what?  It is!! 

Alkaline ionized water is the most amazing water for health ever found and it DOES occur naturally on our planet.  Kangen Water® machines from Enagic USA produce this water with exceptional stability and consistency, right at home on your kitchen counter. 


Understanding "Kangen Water®"

The thing you need to understand though is that Kangen Water® and alkaline water are no different.  Alkaline water is the most amazing water for health you can drink, and if you're not already informed about the benefits of alkaline water, enter your name and email into the right hand side of this page to receive a free crash course that'll teach you all about it!

Enagic USA BoxNow if you're like most people in the USA, you've never heard of alkaline water before.  What usually happens next is someone from Enagic USA begins to tell you about it and share the water with you. This is part of Enagic USA's network marketing structure and it's doing a fantastic job of educating our misinformed population.  The one thing they'll never tell you though is that there are many other companies producing quality alkaline water machines for A LOT less.  If you'd like to see all the quality machines that we carry here for much more affordable prices, click the banner below.

Now that you're learning about alkaline water, you need to also know that there are MANY options for getting pure, healthy alkaline water right in your home.  Enagic USA is just one of the many great companies which are leading the way.

Here at Ionizer Oasis, we have a policy of being 100% unbiased and offering ALL the quality machines and brands out there.  We've tested and approved the Enagic USA machines, but their most popular machine is the SD501 Platinum which costs $4,280. 

Want to get all the benefits of a water Ionizer, but don't want to pay Enagic USA's prices?  You don't have to!  Click the links below and check out all the quality brands of water ionizers that we carry here on Ionizer Oasis...

IonWays, Tyent, Chanson, Life, and KYK!  Just like Enagic USA, they all have machines which produce quality alkaline water and are all at the top of the industry.  We simply wouldn't carry them if they weren't! 

In this article, you learned a little bit about Enagic USA as a company and what they're doing to spread Kangen Water® throughout the USA.  If you’d like to learn more about what we think of the products they sell, read our next article which tells you specifically what we think of their most popluar Kangen Water® Machine, the SD501 Platinum!

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