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Enagic: The Truth Comes Out

We want to tell you a little about Enagic, what exactly an Enagic water ionizer does and why you may be getting some disinformation. While Enagic does make a product that provides 'kangen', or ionized water, we feel that there are some misleading 'facts' that should be addressed. 

For starters, there is really no difference between the term 'Kangen' and ionized water. They are both altered tap water which have been ionized and thus can have higher levels of alkalinity than non-ionized water. There are water ionizers on this site that can absolutely provide the same alkalinity specifications as any of Enagic's machines can. Enagic has some quality machines, but none that can produce anything that products sold on Ionizer Oasis cannot match.

Kangen Way Overpriced

Another interesting fact is that an Enagic water ionizer employs a chemical pack that assists in having the water reach a certain level of alkalinity. This chemical pack is basically a saline solution that gets inserted into the machine and is released. While we have no comment on this process, we can tell you that there are no additives, chemicals or substances involved with any of the water ionizers sold on our website. The products we sell represent the newest technology that water ionizers have to offer, and thus they don't rely on chemical additives to achieve their results.

A third important issue that we want you to know about is price structure. Water ionizers are a new technology, and just like any new technology they are relatively expensive. That said, we offer our products at a much more competitive rate (often half as expensive, or even better) than you'll find offered by Enagic.


One of their top models in the SD 501. This model offers the greatest variance in alkalinity (best results). That said, it costs just under $4,000. When you compare that with the products that we offer, where one of our most expensive machines is around $2,500 and also comes with a choice of free gifts that are valued at up to $200, not to mention free shipping and we even pay the sales tax for you... well, you get a better idea of the difference between us and them.

The reason for the huge difference in price has to do with the selling structure that Enagic has set up. They deal with a complex spiderweb of sellers that is fine for their purposes, but which entails a higher base cost to account for the multiple layers of salespeople and the necessary corresponding commissions. When you have products being moved through their eight layers of sales structure, you have to have an appropriate pricing model so that all parties are getting adequately compensated.

We are simply including this information so that you understand why we are able to bring you quality water ionizers at a much more competitive price. Here at Ionizer Oasis, you're only dealing with one level of commissions being paid out, which is split between the two owners of our small company. We're able to stay affordable because we only operate online, so our costs are very low.  We pass these savings on to you.

Often times, people see such a great contrast in price and become concerned with why one group can offer a product at so much less. This is seriously the reason.  If you still don't believe us, email us and we'll try to explain.

We feel strongly at Ionizer Oasis about bringing our customers the best products, providing them the best deals possible and offering the best customer service possible. Because of this, we have provided you the facts that can be verified by reading up on these issues anywhere on the internet. 

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