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Ionizer Oasis Receives Rave Reviews!


"We are more than pleased with our Ionizer!"

My name is Marion Perrotta. My husband Tony and I purchased a Life Ionizer 9100 2 years ago. We are both health conscious people. I am 60 and my husband is 72. We are more than pleased with our Ionizer! I use the alkaline water daily from morning til bedtime. I make the best coffee, the best rice, homemade bread, and I soak all my vegetables and cook them in alkaline water. The taste is amazing! I soak fresh fish in the alkaline water for 1 hour before cooking... it comes out tasting incredibly fresh with no fishy taste whatsoever. We each drink about 6 to 8 glasses a day of the alkaline water... crave it actually... and it is the best for making stock or soups or gravy. We also use it in our fresh fruit smoothies... the taste of the fruit is "fresh picked".

The acid water I use as a household disinfectant and as a facial rinse at night before bed.

Any burns or bites are quickly soothed and healed with this water. I have to say that the Life Ionizer with it's amazing filter system and easy use is thee best appliance we have ever purchased. Daily use of this water keeps us hydrated and healthy... and keeps our weight down... a definite bonus!!!

~Marion Perrotta


"I have nothing but all praises to Ionizer Oasis"

No words can express my gratitude to Ionizer Oasis for the most pleasant experience shopping for ionizer. Gerard, who served me, is very professional and he has even taken the extra mile to help with my problems. I have nothing but all praises to ionizer oasis and will definitely buy from you again. Thank you!

~Shiann Haw Lim, Singapore


"This is like a miracle…the best investment that I ever made for our health."

I am just thrilled about my purchase. We all have so much more energy. This is the best investment that I ever made for our health. 

My Husband is in air conditioning and heating repair and used to complain about back pain and headaches. Since he started drinking the water his headaches disappeared, his back got better and his eyesight improved. He no longer has to wear readers to look at the numbers on the plumbing products.

We are saving so much money!!! 

He used to drink 2 two-liter bottles of sugary soda a day. He hasn't had soda since we got the ionizer. We use less coffee grounds to make our coffee and it tastes fantastic. We had black ants and I used the acidic water on them...No more ants and no bad chemicals.

Our son suffers from psoriasis and even though he is at school and doesn't get to drink as much as he should he is so improved.

Besides the amazing boost in energy I have lost weight. Amazing. I'm drinking more water and feeling better and it seems to have given my metabolism a boost. I'm not so hungry and I seem to only want to eat healthy foods. I have a foot problem, Plantar Fasciitis and the pain is so much better that I stopped taking my daily dose of Advil. This is like a miracle.

I don't want to ever be without it. Don't know why everyone in America doesn't have one. Thank you for all your help.

~Janet L Woolworth, Aloha Oregon


"The dealings I have had with the personnel at Ionizer Oasis has been nothing but very professional."

We ordered two sets of Tyent replacement filters for our Tyent MMP 9090 Turbo, and I was really pleased on the speedy delivery, less than a week. The packaging was very well done and the filters were not damaged. I now have filters on hand for when they are needed. Our MMP 9090 Turbo is great, we are enjoying this fantastic water every day for almost everything. The dealings I have had with the personnel at Ionizer Oasis has been nothing but very professional, and I know we will be dealing in the future.

~ Graham Bennett



Even though Life Ionizer has messed up the orders, Gerard has been most helpful in straightening up the mess. He was professional and followed through the orders until I received all the right orders. Bravo to him!

~ Jimmy Toh


"I feel comfortable that, should anything else arise, I will have whatever assistance I might need from your people."

I was very interested in the course you offered through email. I actually watched it all one evening and referred back to some parts of it several times while deciding which ionizer to buy. Your company did an excellent job of supplying me with sufficient information to aid me in making my decision. I’ve purchased an Ionways Athena from you and am looking forward to receiving and using it.

Something else I’d like to say though, due to a miscommunication I was trying to take advantage of a Paypal offer of no interest and payments for 6 months. I didn’t receive it when I ordered my machine and wondered why. I sent in an email, actually, a couple of emails, and was amazed at how quickly your service personnel responded. Within a very short time, I think actually only minutes, I received reply from Lisa in Customer support. She was quick to respond and eager to help. She apologized for any inconvenience and offered to cancel my order so I could attempt to resign for the offer. Everything is fine and the order is proceeding, and I hope to remain a happy customer. I just wanted you to know that I was so impressed with Lisa’s assistance, it just made me know I was dealing with a reputable and trustworthy company.

My compliments to you, your company and Lisa; I feel comfortable that, should anything else arise, I will have whatever assistance I might need from your people.

~Bill Medhurst, Grande Prairie AB, Canada


"Alkaline water has done more for my health…than all the medications I have used…"

Alkaline water has done more for my health in the short time I have been using it, than all the medications I have used over the years.  

Just to mention one of the benefits due to alkaline water is the hydrating effects on my body.  And I don’t have to tell you what a couple of glasses of alkaline water first thing in the morning will do for your internal organs or its beneficial effects on inflammation due to arthritis.  

But, with all the good things that can be said about alkaline water, the most incredible thing (aside from my hair returning to it’s natural color!) is the ease with which I am able to lose weight without exercise.  

Since drinking alkaline water I have lost 12 pounds, something that seemed impossible to do since menopause.  

I knew very little about ionized water, except that there seemed to be growing need for it.  So when I questioned your (Ionizer Oasis) representative and knew how much sense she made, I felt completely confident about ordering from your company.

~Geraldine Regula


"Before I used this machine I was eating 10 to 12 Tums™  or Rolaids™  per day..."

I purchased the Life 7600 Dec. 21,2009. This machine has really pleased my family and I and changed my life health wise.

Before I used this machine I was eating 10 to 12 Tums™  or Rolaids™  per day to kill acid indigestion.  Also my blood sugar was sky high and I used too much insulin at the time.  My blood pressure was high too and for the cholesterol, I was taking all kind of medication and diet, but I couldn't control myself from eating a lot when I took an insulin because I used 180 units a day.  

I felt so many cravings and gained more weight.

After using the machine for 2 days, I have not had any antacids of any kind and still don't need any of those pills. And my insulin dropped to 70 units per day!  

Now my blood pressure is normal and cholesterol is normal according to my A1C from my lab. This machine as really changed our life health wise for the better.  I highly recommend that all families should have one.

I was diagnosed as type 2 Diabetes since 1999, but I think I'm almost rid of it. And also it increased the taste of the food, totally incredible! If anyone wants to contact me and talk about it please feel free to do so.

I would not give up this machine for anything.

~John Holts 


"Drinking alkaline water stopped the arthritis pain in my back."

Just wanted to say how wonderful an experience it was shopping with Ionizer Oasis. Everything was just so pleasant.   I learned more in five minutes on the phone with Gail then I did in speaking to the Enagic sales person for two weeks. 

He never gave me a straight answer to any question. He couldn’t answer my questions. It was like dealing with a cult. He just wanted me to buy.

Your website is really very good, easy to use and lots of good information. I’m not the kind of person that pushes products, but I really like my ionizer so much; (Tyent 9000UTC) what it looks like, how easy it is to work that I do recommend people to Ionizer Oasis all the time. 

This has completely changed my drinking habits. I bring several of the Good Life water bottles to work and that has created a really good habit for me of staying hydrated. 

I notice on the weekend I don’t drink as much water because I’m not as conscious. I notice the difference.

Drinking alkaline water stopped the arthritis pain in my back. First it kept it at bay and now I notice it completely went away. My massage therapist says that she noticed a big difference in my skin.

I love the acid water for cleaning especially for sterilizing my kitchen. I ‘m still finding new uses for the acid and high PH water all the time.  Thanks!!!!!

~Carol Rossiter - Thousand Oaks CA


"We have way more energy."

We bought our ionizer in August 2010. We have a well and are used to great tasting water, but we prefer the taste of the water from our Tyent 7070 Turbo. 

Even our little dog loves the water. 

Because I know all the benefits I’ve received from drinking alkaline water I have a ritual of starting the day with a 16Oz glass of water and then throughout the day I stop in and just throw down another glass. The alkaline water makes it easy to stay hydrated.

What I have noticed since we started drinking alkaline water is that the texture of the skin is smoother and we have way more energy

I’m approaching 80 and people never guess that, they mistake us for much younger.  We don’t have wrinkles. I guess because we are so hydrated. 

I come from a family that suffers with severe arthritis.  I am now pain free and I attribute that to the water. I work, garden, use my chain saw and do what I want. 

My digestion is improved, my gut just feels better and everything seems to be working better. With all the alkaline water I don’t suffer from constipation any more. If nothing is bugging me I sleep real well. Before our water ionizer I always had to take a nap. My wife has had a pacemaker and she is doing great.

My son, daughter, and granddaughter all bought water ionizers after we did. Our family has a high risk for cancer. Many tested positive for the BRACA 1 gene. We are doing everything we can to stay healthy. Good food, exercise three times a week and lots of water.

My granddaughter uses the light acid water for her acne and it really cleared her up. We use the acid water on all our fruits and vegetables. There have been outbreaks of E .coli around here but we haven’t had a problem.

Working with Ionizer Oasis has always been a positive experience.  I still have the notes from my conversation with Gail. She was approachable and answered all my questions.  She would just talk water with us. When we were having some issues adjusting the unit to well water, Jim over at Tyent responded quickly and helped us out.  A very positive experience!

~Jim & Patricia Fierling  - Grant Pass Oregon


"He still has stiff knees, but the horrible pain is not there."

My husband continues to try to understand everything there is about ionized water, how it impacts the body etc.

He truly has had a reduction and mostly elimination of pain from his knees.  For about 1 year before he started on this water, the pain in his knees was so excruciating, he had a hard time sleeping and his quality of life was quite compromised.  He still has stiff knees, but the horrible pain is not there.  I don't know if he truly thinks the ionized water was a big help, but I KNOW IT HAS TO BE.  Nothing else changed in his life, except that.

As for me, several things are quite apparent.  One finger began throbbing, arthritis, I'm sure, (I have a small lump) and had been like that for 6-8 months.  Now, I still have a small bump, but no pain.  Once in a while, it is tender, but very mild.  If I were to take a good inventory, I'm sure there are many other things that have improved, but I'm so busy living a full healthy life that I haven't taken the time.

One other thing, all areas of the medical community from chiropractors, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors all suggest drinking a substantial amount of water per day -- I find this water so tasty and satisfying, I drink 2 glasses in the morning 1st thing (I used to have to have coffee first) and I drink much more water than I used to ----and I stopped drinking bubbly drinks (because of the acidity) and feel some of these decisions have impacted my health positively.

I and my husband continue to talk to people about the ionized water (even though my husband acts like a skeptic sometimes) as such a positive step for good health.

I'm glad you folks are paving the way.

~Marlene Paahao


"Your Site Put it All Together..."

When a new idea or the way you call it “snake oil” stuff comes my way I start with research.  A friend talked with me about ionizer, the Kangen.   Well I know or thought it was a scam.  I searched many sites on line and medical sources first to determent the health benefits was true.  And that was so.

Then I found your site which was very helpful to understand what I have read in other written information and on other the web sites.  Your site put it all together,  making since to it all.  Of course, I did not wait to read one day at a time.  I read straight through it all.  Last  Friday I order my Tyent 7070 system.  It was very easy to choose the right one for me after reading your pages of great truth.Thanks and I hope more people learn about the health benefits from a ionizer.


~Marie Drost



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