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Commercial Water Ionizers

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Commercial water ionizers are a product that the average person does not really know about. Our manufacturer produces a line of commercial water ionizers that are a definite step up from the traditional household version, in terms of production per minute.



The CE-1000L
& CE-3000L Units
Available Here!



Ionized Water Production   continuous flow
Electrical Specifications   220V 1000W 220V 1500W 220V  2000W
Ionized Water Production   700(w) x 560(d) x 1100(h)mm / 27.5(w) x 22(d) x 43.3(h) in
Unit Weight   Approx. 150 kg / 330 lbs
Flow rate Through Unit   16L/min / 4.2gpm 32 L/min. / 8.4gpm 48 L/min / 12.6gpm
pH Levels*   Alkaline 7.5-9.5 or higher; Acid 4.5-7 *
ORP Levels*   Alkaline -200mV ~ -500mV *
Electrolyzed enhancer   N/A
Electrode Materials   Platinum Coated Titanium
Electrode Cleaning Cycle   Auto Cleaning
# of Electrode tank   1 pcs 2 pcs 3 pcs
Electrode Life   Average 1500 Hours of Electrolyzing *
Protection (Auto shut off) on   Low/High Water Pressure, Overheat
Required Water Source   Municipal or Well source
Environment Temperature Limits   5 - 40 oC / 41 - 104 ºF
Environment Humidity Limits   < 85%
Water TDS Tolerances   150 - 500
Warranty   12 Months Parts (Not for Consumable Parts)
Voltage   220 volt available
Optional   Auto Float Shutoff Auto Float Shutoff Auto Float Shutoff
Price Call for pricing


The CE-1000L is the 'little guy' of the group. All of their models have a number in the name of the unit, and this corresponds to the power and production of the unit. The 1000L produces just under 4.2 gallons of ionized water per minute, more than ten times that of some household ionizers. This model is what we call a 'tweener' because it is larger then what most homes require but smaller then what a large company would need.

The CE-1000L still has a niche though. We find that it is very useful for a large restaurant, where water consumption is frequent. The price is a bit much for a home, but there are people who can afford it and it does have a place. The other area we find it serves well is offices, particularly doctors offices, law firms and other firms where client entertaining is a priority. We understand that when you first read that you may question it, but give it another thought. These are the same types of places that spend thousands upon thousands on rugs and wall art. If you are dealing with clients that are paying you for the best work, they expect to be taken care off. This is simply an extension of that, as well as a tremendous conversation starter.

The CE-2000L and CE-3000L are similar models in that they are roughly the same size, but produce at much higher rates. Producing 8-12 gallons of ionized water a minute is valuable if you choose to use this at a business like a restaurant, or even a bottling plant. Again, these are not going to be used in your average chain eatery. Patrons of an Applebee's don't expect ionized water and there is nothing wrong with that. If you are running a top flight restaurant or one that specializes in health conscious ingredients, this may be a product that you and your customers would be interested by. In the world today, there is less and less unknown. Ionized, healthier water is a good and new product to offer at an eating establishment. 

Also, it makes a perfect addition to any agricultural business.  For the freshest, healthiest produce around, alkaline ionized water from a commercial water ionizer simply can't be beat!

The CE-3000L is obviously working on a different level. With 12.6 gallons of water in a minute, it produces an incredible amount of water. One place we have found it to be popular though is within the scientific community. Certain organizations use water with various pH levels for experiments. Some times the water is just a tool and other times it is used as an actual 'character' in the experiment. Whatever your need, we hope that this review of commercial water ionizers has been helpful.

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