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Build Your Own Water Ionizer

We all know how important the presence of a water ionizer at home is, especially with all the pollution around us these days. Now many companies offer high quality water ionizers, but they aren’t very cheap. While many are within reach, others are exorbitantly priced and some just have trouble affording it, or are at the very least curious if there are any alternatives.

If you’re interested in drinking high quality safe water, but don’t necessarily want to pay the price for a professional machine, maybe building your own ionizer is the right move for you! If you’re feeling a little adventurous, read these steps and see if you might be up to the challenge.

Disclaimer: The steps we’re presenting below are for informational purposes only, and if you’re going to build one, we recommend you find more detailed picture instructions for your own safety and to ensure the success of your project! Now without further ado…

Requirements: Let’s take a look at the materials that will be needed in building a water ionizer. We’ll need two plastic storage containers which can hold at least a gallon of water, a two inch PVC pipe, electric wire for the passing of electricity and a strip of chamois leather. The chamois will have to be bigger than the pipe. We will also need a power adapter (preferably a 12V or a 24V), two crocodile clips, and two pieces of 0.5/0.75 inch titanium block. Once the ingredients are compiled, we’ll be able to set about building the water ionizer for that safe and pure alkaline water we want to drink.

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Now Let’s get started…

Step 1: Take the two plastic water holding containers and make identical two inch holes on any one side. The holes should be so made that when the containers are placed in a manner that the holes face each other, they should be at exactly the same level.

Step 2: Take the PVC pipe and then push the chamois leather piece into it. The leather piece should completely fill the diameter of the PVC. Then you have to insert this chamois-filled pipe into the two holes that you had made previously in the two plastic containers.

Step 3: Get the titanium pieces and wrap electrical wire around them individually so that they can be used as the electrodes for the electrolysis of the water in the water ionizer you are building.

Step 4: Take the crocodile clips and the adapter and attach them to each other. After this, attach the clips to the wire that you had attached to the platinum pieces.

Step 5: Take each of the platinum pieces wrapped with electrical wire and place one in each of the plastic containers. Before you do this, fill the containers with water till a level that the electrodes can be dipped into the water but the wire connected to the electrodes does not come in contact with the water. The electrodes on contact with water will initiate the ionizing process.

Step 6: Turn the power adapter on and watch the ionization process.

Step 7: Wait for two hours before switching off the adapter. One of the containers will have dark and dirty looking water (acid water) while the other will have clean and transparent water (alkaline water) in it.

That’s it! This is a summary of the steps needed to save money and your health at the same time.  Now if you do go through and build that ionizer, and you’re wondering about all the wonderful ways that you can use it, go ahead and check out our article on the Top 10 Uses for Alkaline Water!

Disclaimer: This is a summary that has been compiled for informational purposes only. If you are really interested in building your own ionizer, we recommend that you find a guide that has more specific, detailed instructions. Build an ionizer at your own risk.


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