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The Kangen Water System Explained!

Let's take a moment to go in depth on the Kangen Water® System - the SD501 Platinum.  Thanks to some Enagic friends of mine, I've been able to drink from and test this unit for the past few weeks, and it's helped me get a real inside look at using a Kangen machine.

Just like every other water ionizer, there are positives and negatives, ups and downs.  In this article I'll be discussing a few of each from the Kangen Water® System.

Is Kangen Way Overpriced

First, The Good Parts of the Kangen Water® System

The SD 501 platinum is a fairly compact and sleek ionizer.  Not too large, not too small, it's average in terms of size on the ionizer market.Kangen Water System SD 501 Platinum 
The button layout is easy enough to understand and the display is simple to read.  The machine is self cleaning (as are all the other ionizers we offer) but makes a fairly obnoxious noise when warning of the cleaning.

Something I really like about the Kangen Water® system is that it deals very well with high flow rates.  Some other machines I've tested will have a signifigant drop in ORP if the incoming flow rate is too high.  The SD 501 platinum will actually warn you if the flow rate is too high and will function without t he loss in ORP, even at higher flow rates.

Overall the Kangen Water® system is easy to install and is well designed.  It has wider inflow and outflow tubes than your average ionizer and the faucet converter is easier to use than some other brands.  The converter also has a "shower head" effect that you can use which is a nice touch.  However, I do not believe that any of these attributes justify the price.  At over $4,000, the Kangen Water® machine is more expensive than any machine we carry!


The Kangen Water® System's Few Downsides

When looking at the Kangen Water® System, there are two things that really stand out as being different from other machines out there.  One is the electrolysis enhancing solution, which is made of sodium chloride and sodium hypochlorite.  This solution adds ions into the water to allow the machine to produce extremely low levels of acidic water. 

Electrolysis EnhancerI have two main complaints with this.  First, if you use acidic water consistently, then you need to keep refilling the solution which can be annoying.  Second, every time you use the low acid water, you have to wait for a cleaning cycle to remove any of the leftover solution before returning to alkaline drinking mode.

Many other machines we carry are able to reach these low acidic levels without requiring additional solutions or waiting times between pH levels.

My final complaint is that its filter contains calcium sulfite, which is a preservative I'd prefer to keep out of my body.  Now, I've heard that the ionization and filtration process breaks this down so it doesn't make it into the drinking water, but I have yet to see research confirming this, so it is still a concern for me.

How much of these solutions and chemicals are getting into the water you're drinking?  Probably very little to none.  But here at Ionizer Oasis, we're interested in being a 100% unbiased information resource, so I felt I must share it with you!

Overall the Kangen Water® System is...

The SD501 Platinum is a solid machine for making alkaline water, but here at Ionizer Oasis, we're all about unbiased information and freedom of choice!  WIth all the other machines out there that DON'T cost over $4,000, we prefer not to sell this one. 

After testing out the Kangen Water® system, it has not impressed me to the point that I feel the price tag is necessary.  Instead, you should take a look around our website and see all the other wonderful water ionizers we have to choose from!  Every ionizer represented on this site is here for one reason: quality.  We simply wouldn't carry it if it didn't get the job done.

Some of our other wonderful brands include Life, Chanson, KYK, IonWays and Tyent USA.  They make excellent machines and we've got the best deals and prices guaranteed!  Click here to shop them all!


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