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Best Alkaline Soup and Salad

Alkaline recipes have become increasingly popular due to their possibly health benefits. With the myriad of new diseases through biological mutation of germs, it is becoming more and more important to keep ourselves healthy. The threat really is that we have not yet found a direct cure for many of these diseases and so the above mentioned is needed. The human body becomes susceptible to diseases when the pH of the body drops below seven i.e. becomes acidic.

At this stage the available oxygen found in the body is very low rendering our immunity weak. As such what we really need to do is increase oxygen in the body cells and tissues and this is only possible if the body pH is 7.3 to 7.45. Therefore people need to eat alkaline meals to keep the pH at healthy levels and our bodies disease free. Here is the best of soup and salad as alkaline foods.

The salad

For the alkaline foods salad, you need half of the head of a romaine lettuce, one cucumber, two tomatoes and five scallions (all diced), one half of a green pepper (also diced) and a cup of cheese, preferably soy feta. For the dressing you will require a single clove of garlic that is finely chopped, a quarter teaspoon of sea salt, two spoonfuls of lime juice, one eighth teaspoon of pepper, half a teaspoon of oregano and one third of a cup of olive oil. This done, for the preparation of the salad you will first need to wash the vegetables properly and then cut them to your liking..

Next you will need a big salad bowl in which you have to place lettuce leaves, torn to suit your choice. Then you should add the scallions, feta cheese, tomatoes, peppers (green) and the cucumbers to mix. Put in the same bowl the dressing and add olive oil. Now mix properly and serve with dressing on top.

The soup

For the alkaline foods soup recipe the ingredients are about four cups of broccoli, one chopped red pepper (preferable bell), one avocado, two stalks of celery cut to large forms, two full cups of veg broth, two chopped onions (maybe yellow or red) and ginger powder, along with cumin to taste. To prepare this yummy soup you have to first warm the broth, getting the temperature of the broth to about 118 degrees. Then add the broccoli pieces to this and warm for another five minutes.

Add onions, celery and the pepper with this and warm again. Next, make a puree of this broccoli warmed in broth along with the other vegetables. Add alkaline water if you think that the puree is too thick. The soup is prepared. However you may add liquid amino and ginger to taste. You can also add any other spices you have a liking for to enhance the taste. Serve warm.


Enjoy you alkaline foods salad and soup recipe! Many more will be available shortly.  If you’d like to get involved in a complete alkaline diet, then you should definitely learn the do’s and don’ts beforehand.  Click here to learn exactly how to have a successful alkaline diet.

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