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Are Alkaline Water Drops a Ripoff?

Have you been looking into purchasing alkaline water drops as a temporary replacement for a water ionizer?  There are a number of stores online that offer a bottle of these for around $15-30, which seems like it might possibly be a good deal.  So this raises two questions in our mind.  First, do alkaline water drops provide any of the health benefits of a water ionizer? And second, are they priced fairly? We’ll answer these two questions in this article.

Do Alkaline Water Drops Provide Any of The Health Benefits of a Water Ionizer?

What you have to consider about alkaline water drops is that they don’t have any of the water filtering benefits that a water ionizer provides.  So whatever water you’re adding the drops to is still going to have all the nasty stuff that it started with, only with a changed alkalinity.

Thus, it’s very important if you are going to use these drops that you have a pure water source.  We recommend running all your water through at the very least a carbon filter if you suspect that there may be chlorine or any of the other chemicals commonly added to water by your local water authority.  Top of the line water ionizers come with both carbon filters as well as specialized media filters which will remove fluoride and other heavy metals.  When water comes through a high end water ionizer, you can be much more confident that you’re drinking something of quality. 

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Simply adding two alkaline drops to your water provides no such benefit.

You can always bottle the water that comes out of the ionizer if you’re going to be out of the house all day, and if you’re going on vacation I’d recommend bringing your ionizer along with you and hooking it up at the hotel or wherever you’ll be staying. You never know what kind of water sources you’re going to be drinking from when you’re away from home, and that’s really the time when you want a water ionizer the most.  The last thing you want to be concerned about while on vacation is the quality of your water.


Are They Priced Fairly?

Most alkaline water drops on the market are extremely overpriced, considering the ingredients involved.  We don’t recommend mixing a batch yourself without consulting a professional, however by doing so you would be saving a good deal of money.  But as we suggested before, a better solution would be purchasing a water ionizer.  Without an ionizer, you get none of the water purification benefits, all you get is the alkalinity. 

And while we firmly believe in the benefits of alkaline water (obviously) we also firmly believe that there are too many contaminants in everyday water to not be running it through a high-powered filter before consumption.

If you’re on the fence about getting an alkaline water ionizer, why don’t you read a little more about what it’s like to own one?  We wrote our next article about some of our favorite aspects of owning an Alkaline Water Ionizer and what it’s like to drink the water every day of your life.

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