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Alkaline Water Myth? Impossible. Here's Why

Rumors and the internet are something that go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, some websites out there spout off about an “Alkaline Water Myth”, saying there’s no truth to the power of alkaline water and that it’s no better than drinking regular tap water, or even preposterously state that drinking ionized water can be bad for your health. 

These sites lump alkaline water in with bogus health schemes and call it “snake oil”, comparing it to some ancient scheme where charlatans would travel from town to town selling bogus health benefits and miracle cures, only to leave town by the time people realized it had no real effect.  This article lists a few factors that may convince you otherwise.

Business History and Physical Locations. Well, for one thing the businesses selling alkaline water have been in business for too long now to just “skip town.”  Most of the major companies have been in business for at least 5 to 10 years now,  and sales are only increasing as the word is spreading all across the globe about the miracle benefits of alkaline water. 

A limited number of physical stores have even opened up, such as WaterForLifeUSA’s new store in Germantown, Maryland.  Thanks to the internet, word is spreading faster than ever these days, and so you should expect to see more and more physical locations opening up around the country as demand grows and dealers branch out.  Certainly not a fly-by-night operation.

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Money Back Guarantees & Warranties.  Say you get your water ionizer, and you try it for a month, and you’re just not convinced.  Maybe you felt pretty good to begin with, or maybe on second thought you just don’t think you have the money to afford it in this tough economy.  Who knows.  Most companies offer a money back guarantee if you return the machine within 2 months or so.  No questions asked.  There is no “once you bought it, you’re stuck with it” policy.  Dealers are looking for long term satisfaction here.

Or say for some reason after 4 years your machine isn’t working as well as it used to, maybe it’s having trouble hitting the same pH that it used to, or maybe a more serious defect.  Most companies offer a 5-year warranty on the machine where they’ll take it and fix it for you and bring it back to you working just like it did on day one.  Up to 5 years! 

You don’t see computer companies offering a warranty like that without hundreds of dollars in extra charges… but water ionizer companies need satisfied customers.  The industry is small enough that word of mouth is its greatest advantage.  Satisfying customers is the only way to accomplish their goals.

So the next time you get concerned that there’s an alkaline water myth, or people are just trying to rip you off in some fly-by-night scheme, give the company a call and talk with a real representative over the phone. 

Or heck, if you live close enough, stop in for a visit to a physical location and speak with the owner!  Scammers can’t run a business off customer satisfaction.  So take your ‘myth’ and ’scam’ accusations and shove ‘em!


Now that that’s all cleared up, have you heard about alkaline water drops?  Some people are selling them online as a semi-replacement for water ionizers.  They cost about $15-30 per bottle and last for a while, but do they really fulfill the promises that they advertise?  To find out, read alkaline water drops.  We think we outlined the situation pretty well.

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