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Alkaline Water Ionizers: An Overview

Alkaline water ionizers are devices that are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. The reason they are becoming so much more popular is because we are in a very exciting time in human history. We know more today about health and fitness then ever before, and it is with this knowledge that new and exciting products are becoming available to us.

Alkaline water ionizers are not brand new, however they are becoming increasingly popular and, with that, more information is being produced and made available to the public. Alkaline ionized water has been shown to be much healthier for people, and ionizers are even recognized by the Korea Food and Drug Administration as being Medical Device based on the health benefits of the water.

Alkaline water is viewed as being a much healthier alternative because of the effects, or lack there of, that it has on your system as opposed to regular tap water. Typical tap has a few key flaws that you would normally not know about. The main one that makes a water ionizer so beneficial, and also different from an ordinary water filter, is that the ionization process helps to remove harmful excess Oxygen atoms from your water. A water filter, which all ionizers are equipped with, serves to remove the harmful substances that are permitted to be present in your drinking water.

These include Chlorine, trace metals and volatile organic compounds. A regular filter, depending on what it is made of, can actually react with some of these substances with harmful results.

The filters in the water ionizers that you will find here are carbon based and do not have this problem. Getting back to the ionization process, this results in water that is both alkaline in nature and, as stated above, lacking the excess Oxygen atoms. The alkalinity means that the pH level, or acidity, has been taken from neutral to a base, or alkaline. The Oxygen removal is important because these atoms have been shown to, over time, accelerate the aging process. 

What this means is that these atoms build up in the body. As they accumulate, they begin to attack your vital organs. Oxygen, although we breath it and require it to live, is like many elements. When it is concentrated it can be corrosive. This 'attack' involves the breaking down of your organs at a heightened rate, and can lead to you looking older over time. Alkaline water ionizers can counteract this by providing you and your family healthier drinking water.


The fact is that people are living longer, fuller, healthier lives today then they were even ten years ago. The negative aspect to this increase in technology is that we see its negative side in other areas of products.

Some foods are becoming more and more processed and adulterated with additives and chemicals that 'improve' shelf life, appearance and taste. These foods are often cheaper, more accessible and flat out more convenient. You can do a lot to make these a minimal part of your diet, but sometimes they will slip in. Here, with alkaline water ionizers, you can eliminate the harmful elements from the thing you should be ingesting the most. Do yourself a favor and make the change today.

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