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Alkaline Water Filters and Contaminant Removal

Alkaline water filters are a relatively new device that have come into popularity over the last ten years. What they do is serve to both filter your water and separate it into two useful 'types' of water. The filtering is the first step and important because of the various chemicals that can be found in your everyday drinking water.

Chlorine is a major chemical within your average tap water that alkaline water filters serve to remove. The problem with chlorine is that it can react with organic matter, which exists in tap water as well, and create carcinogenic Trihalomethanes. Carcinogens are cancer causing agents. While you certainly won't develop cancer from drinking a few glasses of tap water, you need to look at it from the approach of a long period of time. You will be drinking tap water for the rest of your life.

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Over time, the carcinogens that you ingest from this water, along with all the other chemicals that are constantly being put into food and drink products could very well have an adverse result on you. The EPA does not have overly struct guidelines for public drinking water, and thus you are potentially at risk.

Additionally, alkaline water filters serve to remove VOC's, or volatile organic hydrocarbons, from your drinking water. VOC's are funny in their nature of classification. Some are dangerous and some are not. It really depends on what compounds make them up, as there are literally millions of VOC's on the EPA's list. The EPA did pass the Safe Water Drinking Act which states that drinking water can only have certain levels of certain VOC's for it to be legal. 

The problem with this law is that it still allows for certain levels of these contaminants to be present in the water. Make no mistake, these VOC's that this law applies to are known to be hazardous to a person's health. They are allowed because the EPA has determined that they are not dangerous at the preset levels. The question that falls to you is whether or not you are comfortable ingesting 'safe amounts' of chemicals that have already be determined to be hazardous to your health?

The point of an alkaline water filter is to prevent these chemicals from being present at all when it comes to the water that you and your family are ingesting on a daily basis. The EPA has taken some measures to ensure your health, but their act also allows some wiggle room for major manufacturers who need to dump some of the byproducts and contaminants from their practices. While you can understand that the EPA has done research into these VOC's and the chlorine that is legally allowed to be in your water, is this something you want to leave to chance?


Carcinogens build up over time. There is literally no reason for you to be ingesting them with the availability of alkaline water filters. Do yourself a service that nobody else is and equip your home with this simple device that will ensure the health of your household when it comes to something as basic as your drinking water. 

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