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Alkaline Water and Health Benefits

Many people wonder the relationship between alkaline water and health. While this is a subject which undergoes much debate, we here at Ionizer Oasis feel that alkaline water has various positive health benefits. The proof is in the articles we present on this website. In this particular article, you will learn seven different ways to use your alkaline water for health benefits. These seven settings are great for different reasons and specific tasks.

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The Best Settings to Utilize Alkaline Water for Health

pH Level 10 and an ORP around -400:
This is a great setting for cooking soup, washing vegetables or fruit, and cooking meat and rice. This has the alkaline health benefit of balancing the acid in the food and making it a healthy pH.

pH level 9.5 with an ORP around -319:
This is a great level for brewing coffee and neutralizing its acidic effect. Also, once you have been drinking alkaline water for a bit, this is the optimal level for adults to consume to receive the most anti-oxidation.

pH level 9.0 with an ORP around -239:
This level is great for adults who are just starting to drink alkaline water. Also, children may enjoy this level more than higher ones.

pH level 8.5 with an ORP around -161:
At this level the alkaline water is great for the health benefits in toddlers. Use this level to make their powdered milk. Also, people with sensitive stomachs or stomach viruses will enjoy this level.

pH level 7 and a positive ORP of 250:
Use this level to take medication. By using neutral water, it won’t interact with any of your medication.

pH level of 5.5 and a positive ORP of around 517:
Your toddlers will enjoy great skin if you use this level to bath them. Also, it is great for anyone who is washing their face or brushing their teeth. The slightly acidic water will help to tighten and smooth your skin as well as cleanse your teeth deeply.

pH level of 3.5 and a positive ORP of 683:
Alkaline water takes a great role in health at this level. It is amazing for first aid or insect bites and will sterilize sponges, chopping boards, or plates and dishes. Also it is great for rashes, acne, and other skin problems.


Throughout this article you can see the wide range of health benefits you can get from just alkaline water machine. Being able to control the pH and ORP(oxidation reduction potential) of your water brings so many added options. Even acid ionized water has an enormous range of health benefits. Learn the health benefits of using acid ionized water here!

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